The Shield Must Feud with the Wyatt Family Before Inevitable Split

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2013

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Tick-tock, tick-tock—The Shield versus The Wyatt Family relevancy clock is on the move.

Ever since the two stables have been on WWE's main roster, I've watched the invested hardcore fan base talk about the potential of the two facing off. At a Raw taping in England, the always energetic crowd reacted to the showdown of all parties in the ring. As Gorilla Monsoon would say, “this place is going bananas.”

The hardcore fans have been typing away and I think it's something the casual fans will get into. Everybody will have an opinion of who they want to win; everybody will be interested in the match and its aftermath.

WWE is slow burning the dissension between members of The Shield. At the pace they're going, combined with the significance they have, it leads me to believe we will get a WrestleMania showdown—a similar scenario to when Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes were all in the group Legacy in a match after dissension in the ranks.

If The Shield members face off in a triple threat, which I agree is the best option, obviously WWE needs to capitalize on them versus The Wyatt Family.

Royal Rumble should show severe communication issues amongst The Shield. The three men cross paths and eliminate each other. Attention all 16 writers, you have work to do. Create a creative scenario.

Next, as it seems emotions are at a boiling point, the one last stand for the group to remain united is to get back on track as tag team champions. At this point, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan should have captured those titles from Goldust and Cody Rhodes. The brothers are now on a path for their long requested WrestleMania match.

So, all three members of The Wyatt Family defend the tag titles against the trio of The Shield. The big catch is this match is in an Elimination Chamber.

Think about it, the pay-per-view event is still going to take place in February but this year we don't have two world titles. The number one contender should be decided at the Royal Rumble as tradition would have it. I won't be surprised if there is some type of world title match but there shouldn't be enough people in the picture do require an Elimination Chamber.

Elimination Chamber matches require six people. The Wyatt Family versus The Shield features six people. It will be great to have that explosive, war games type element. If you recall, the match has four locked pods and every so many minutes, a pod opens up for a new wrestler to enter the match.

It presents so many opportunities because at times on trio is guaranteed to have more members active in the match.

WWE seems to be building the tag division once again. Put a tag title match in a gimmick match like this, it brings some attention and notoriety to the titles.

Wyatt's retained due to The Shield's continued problems.

I can't recall the last time WWE organically created two stables with so much interest. They've done it and let's not ask questions, let's be thankful.

If WWE doesn't cash in on the interest these two groups paired up against each other could generate, I'll be extremely disappointed.

The Shield versus The Wyatt Family sells itself. It's almost as if as long as WWE has the match, they can't screw it up. Then again, I should probably just shut up and hope the match happens first and then worry about the finish.