Chicago Blackhawks: Stadium Series Sweater Lacking in Originality

Jon FromiSenior Analyst IDecember 22, 2013

This isn't Chicago's Stadium Series sweater, though the old black alternates aren't much different from the new, "modern" design.
This isn't Chicago's Stadium Series sweater, though the old black alternates aren't much different from the new, "modern" design.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Chicago Blackhawks fans who still pine for the team to break out the black alternate sweater will get their wishes granted. On March 1 when the 'Hawks take to the outdoor ice at Soldier Field against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team will be sporting a new look.

Well, not really. The Chicago sweater is essentially the same black alternate used on two previous occasions.

On one hand, there really isn't anything offensive about the Blackhawks Coors Light NHL Stadium Series sweater, which was unveiled on Friday. It just misses the boat as far as creating an original, striking look.

I do like the classic cut of the sweater. The "chrome treated" logo might pop a bit more if it wasn't surrounded in a sea of black. The "dynamic and modern perspective" the creators are touting falls short if the idea was to create something bold within the existing design and color palette.

If the point was to look forward, why go back to a look Chicago sported from 1996-97 through 2006-07 and again in 2008-09? Not to mention Reebok's "Black Ice" creation of a few years back.

I really like how the Los Angeles Kings sweater turned out. A classic red sweater with a black shoulder yoke would have been a good place to start with the Blackhawks Stadium Series look. There could have even been a little more white injected into the design, though I know the Penguins are the visiting team.

The rest of the uniform features sounds like a sales pitch. Great, the numbers are bigger so I can see them from space, or at least the upper reaches of a football stadium.

Also from the run-down on the design advantages from the release is this:

The chrome crest was developed using new technology that fuses print and embroidery and allows logos to be displayed as a high-resolution image incorporated into the crest. This technology also reduces the weight of the crest, resulting in a lightweight jersey to help improve athlete performance.

So...all those issues the players have had being weighed down with those old heavy crests have been eliminated? First the league gave the players more room behind the net and now this.

In all seriousness, the Stadium Series sweater isn't worth getting up in arms about. This seems like a one-and-done type of promotion. Most fans will just assume that the 'Hawks went back to the black alternates.

That didn't have to be the case, though. The design could have been more creative, even if it is only for one game.