10 WWE Superstars Who Will Break Out in 2014

Travis WakemanCorrespondent IIDecember 22, 2013

10 WWE Superstars Who Will Break Out in 2014

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    With less than two weeks remaining in 2013, it gives us time to reflect on the year that was in WWE.

    From The Rock once again becoming WWE champion to Randy Orton winning a huge unification match against John Cena at TLC, 2013 was an eventful year for the company.

    It was a year that saw two separate three-man teams become some of the most successful Superstars in WWE.

    The Shield debuted toward the end of 2012, but they took over in 2013, going on a long undefeated streak. All three men held titles as well.

    Then there was The Wyatt Family, a strange trio that has been equally dominant.

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have become one of the most imposing tag teams in WWE and Bray Wyatt was able to get a win over Kane at SummerSlam.

    Then at TLC, the group got its biggest win to date, defeating Daniel Bryan.

    What does 2014 hold for the WWE and who are some Superstars that will step up and make the leap to the next level?

    Maybe it is someone who could emerge as a main eventer or perhaps a Superstar who could join the main roster from the ranks of NXT.

    Here, we will take a look at 10 Superstars and divas who could have a big impact in the coming year.  

Brodus Clay

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    Brodus Clay becoming relevant in WWE again hinges on one thing—the end of the Tons of Funk group. It needs to end. Get rid of the dancing, get rid of The Funkadactyls and get Clay away from all of it.

    WWE seems to have been planting the seeds for this lately as there has been tension between Clay and his tag team partner, Tensai.

    Before they formed this team, Clay had done pretty well for himself as a singles competitor.

    A short feud with Tensai that leads to a pay-per-view win for Clay would do the big man a lot of good and could catapult him into a big year.

    It would probably involve WWE once again repackaging Clay, but he is a talented Superstar for his size and could be one to watch in 2014.



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    Much like Brodus Clay, Naomi could benefit from the dismantling of Tons of Funk.

    She and Cameron make a fun duo, so there is nothing wrong with the two of them staying together. But Naomi needs to be more active in the ring as a wrestler than as a dancer.

    Naomi is one of the most athletic divas the WWE has ever had and she should get a solid run as a singles competitor.

    She would be a good candidate to end the long title reign of A.J. Lee.

Big E Langston

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    Big E Langston burst onto the scene at the end of 2012 and is really closing out 2013 on a high note.

    After winning the Intercontinental title from Curtis Axel, Langston is ascending the ladder of WWE Superstars. Could a spot in the main event be in his future?

    There's really no reason it shouldn't.

    Langston is a big, strong Superstar that fits the bill of the type of Superstar WWE usually likes to push. Aside from that, he has come across as very likeable when WWE has put him in spots such as being a guest commentator on Monday Night Raw.

    The future is indeed bright for Langston and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him challenging for the WWE World Championship by year's end.

Bo Dallas

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    You may remember Bo Dallas as a competitor in the 2013 Royal Rumble in which he lasted over 20 minutes.

    The very next night on Monday Night Raw, he pulled off an incredible upset by defeating Wade Barrett.

    It looked like Dallas was on the main roster to stay, but inexplicably, he hasn't been used on television since. Instead, he's been one of the top competitors in NXT.

    Dallas captured the NXT Title in May and has held onto it ever since, defeating all challengers.

    As soon as WWE finds a role for him on the main roster—one that will last longer than a couple days—he will get his chance to shine.

The Real Americans

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    WWE has made great strides to improve their tag team division and the team of Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger consistently sticks out as one of its better teams.

    With Zeb Colter in their corner, they are the perfect group to draw the ire of crowds everywhere. However, they back up their words in the ring.

    Swagger and Cesaro, collectively known as The Real Americans, will hold the WWE Tag Team titles in 2014.

Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara certainly has not lived up to the expectations many had for him when WWE brought him in nearly three years ago.

    Sin Cara has suffered several injuries, but upon returning late in 2013, he was able to defeat Alberto Del Rio in consecutive matches.

    This showed WWE's desire to stand behind the character.

    Recently, Hunico has been the man under the mask and if it stays that way, it bodes well for the character as he has looked better portraying Sin Cara.

    The WWE is not going to give up on this Superstar, so whether it is Hunico or Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde that is used as Sin Cara, they will get their chance to achieve what company officials envisioned for the character years ago.

Sami Zayn

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    Many fans of Ring of Honor and other independent wrestling companies likely recall with great fondness how good El Generico was in the ring.

    He now competes under WWE contract in NXT as Sami Zayn.

    If you have not had a chance to watch NXT, Zayn has been involved in some of the best matches anywhere in the world in 2013.

    It should only be a matter of time before he appears on the main roster.

    WWE officials should waste no time in helping him perfect his persona so that the world can see what he can do.

Titus O'Neil

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    Now that the WWE has revamped the tag team division, The Prime Time Players seem to be getting lost in the shuffle.

    Titus O'Neil will likely never be WWE World champion, but he is the kind of Superstar the crowd can really get behind due to the fact that he has a ton of charisma.

    If WWE were to make the decision to have him and Darren Young go separate ways, Young could thrive as a singles competitor.

Adrian Neville

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    Similar to Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville is an excellent in-ring competitor who should be fast-tracked to the main roster.

    Competing in NXT, Neville has already held the tag team titles there and is currently one of the main contenders to Bo Dallas and the NXT title.

    Much like Zayn, if you haven't watched NXT, do yourself a favor and check out what you can of Neville.

Roman Reigns

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    If you caught the 2013 Survivor Series, this one seems pretty obvious.

    Competing in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, Roman Reigns eliminated four members of the opposing team to become the sole survivor of the match.

    The Shield had an excellent year in 2013. Reigns and Seth Rollins were able to hold onto the WWE Tag Team titles for about five months.

    But Reigns is clearly in line for bigger things as a singles competitor and 2014 could be the starting point for that. In fact, of everyone on this list, Reigns could easily have the biggest year.

    The 2014 Royal Rumble is coming up soon. Look for Reigns to have numerous eliminations in that match and be an incredibly tough elimination, which will lead to him having a solid run on his own.