Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Dorin Rotariu Not the Answer for David Moyes

Aidan ReynoldsContributor IIIDecember 22, 2013

David Moyes is under pressure to add to his squad in January.
David Moyes is under pressure to add to his squad in January.Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Dorin Rotariu is a talented player, but bringing in an unproven 18-year-old shouldn't be the focus of David Moyes' attention as he attempts to mount a challenge in the New Year.

Moyes has said in recent weeks that Adnan Januzaj is getting too many knocks from defenders as they try to muscle him out of the game. This led to Liam Prenderville at The Mirror reporting that the Manchester United boss is looking to bring in Rotariu to ease the pressure on Januzaj.

Even just scraping the surface, it's clear that this makes little sense. It may be that Prenderville is drawing the wrong conclusion by linking the two incidents together.

If Moyes is concerned with Januzaj's physical stature in relation to his treatment, rotating him with another 18-year-old with the same frame is not the way to go.

If the United boss is looking to strengthen his midfield with an immediate contributor, he needs to bring in a player who has proven himself at a high level and can consistently create for teammates such as Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. 

It's widely accepted that Moyes failed in a bid for Ander Herrera in the offseason and The Mirror reported that the Athletic Bilbao player has pledged himself to his current club. A player of Herrera's quality is needed, but the feeling persists that the top options are waiting to see what Moyes can achieve at Old Trafford before committing themselves.

That's not to say that Rotariu would be a bad signing because the Romanian winger has a lot to offer. He has been excellent for Dinamo Bucharest and will grow into a player capable of single-handedly turning a game for his side.

Manchester United have an enviable history of bringing in young players, and if Rotariu could be brought in at a good price, he could be developed and brought into the first-team squad in a year or so.

Unfortunately, that's not going to be enough for United fans. They will demand improvements be made to the side in January and the midfield is the area that needs fixing first.

United have struggled to dominate games this year, which all stems from a lack of ability in midfield. As they witnessed with Yohan Cabaye's winner for Newcastle at Old Trafford, having a spark in midfield is something that can turn a game immediately.

Cabaye himself will likely be the target of other Premier League clubs in January and United should add themselves to that list. Players such as Koke have also been mentioned, but he is likely to stay at Atletico Madrid.

There don't seem to be many options right now, which would explain why Moyes is looking to youth. However, that's unlikely to bring him the results that he needs. 

The return of Michael Carrick will ease the burden somewhat, but the transfer window is where Moyes' debut season will be decided.