Oregon Ducks New Bowl Uniform Is Latest Innovation in Jersey Technology

Ryan DavenportContributor IDecember 20, 2013

EUGENE, OR - NOVEMBER 29:  De'Anthony Thomas #6 of the Oregon Ducks runs the ball against the Oregon State Beavers during the 117th playing of the Civil War on November 29, 2013 at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Once again, the Oregon Ducks have unveiled a game-changer of a uniform. 

As college football's most innovative program in terms of uniforms, the University of Oregon has long been viewed the standard for other schools to follow. 

Since emerging as a national power, Oregon has consistently changed the jersey game, and while not all turn out to be easy on the eyes, the Ducks always take the field with style and swagger.  

And now, the Ducks, along with Nike, are ready to show the rest of the nation their latest creation, which is a step forward in both appearance and functionality. 

As per Sporting News, the newest addition Nike's popular green and yellow Oregon collection is a sleek yet intimidating outfit. 

The jerseys, which Oregon will don for the first time in the Alamo Bowl against the Texas Longhorns on December 30, are also said to be designed to compliment the strengths of the team in mind. 

Not surprisingly, Nike says that begins and ends with speed (via Oregon Live): 

It’s all about speed. For the last decade Nike has continually evolved college football uniforms for the country’s best teams. Among these, the Oregon Ducks football uniforms are on the cutting edge of innovation, with the clear goal of optimizing athlete performance and speed on the field. On December 30, Oregon will take the field wearing the latest Nike Pro Combat “Mach Speed” uniform, the most innovative Nike Pro Combat system of dress to date.

The Ducks have rolled out a number of speedy standouts over the years, including current stars De'Anthony Thomas and Marcus Mariota, and if Nike's design performs as well as the company says, it's just one more competitive advantage for a perennial national title contender. 

In addition to the speed-conscious focus, the uniform is also geared toward helping the Ducks combat the cold winters in the Pacific Northwest while remaining as light as ever before. 

Visually, there's something appealing about the difference between the home and away jerseys, as the black, yellow and white uni contrasts the white and dark green getup nicely. 

EUGENE, OR - NOVEMBER 29:  Josh Huff #1 celebrates the game winning touchdown with Johnny Mundt #83 of the Oregon Ducks against the Oregon State Beavers during the 117th playing of the Civil War on Novemeber 29, 2013 at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Orego
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Unlike many of the more recent versions of the Ducks' constantly changing uniform scheme, this update doesn't feature both green and yellow on either of the two jerseys, but as Nike's demonstrated over the last decade with the Ducks, conforming to tradition is never a priority.

It's unlike anything any school's worn, and while not everyone particularly likes the idea of changing the appearance and color scheme of uniforms, it's simply a trademark of not only Oregon's football team, but its entire athletic program.