NBA Christmas Day Jerseys: Breaking Down the Association's Holiday Uniforms

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIIDecember 20, 2013

Blake Griffin (32) and the Clippers had some interesting Christmas Day uniforms a season ago.
Blake Griffin (32) and the Clippers had some interesting Christmas Day uniforms a season ago.Noah Graham/Getty Images

Fans of holiday hoops will be pleased to know that the NBA has scheduled a quintet of games for Christmas Day—and dished out some exotic uniforms for each team to boot.

The sleeved jerseys from Adidas are the source of polarizing debate and controversy, as is commonplace with fashion statements. An advertisement from last month showcased the fresh apparel, but it wasn't as cool as the skill on display in the "Jingle Hoops" video:

Let's take a look at what these uniforms look like and how tasteful they are compared to the standard sleeveless versions that have served the Association so well. We'll pick a head-to-head winner of best jersey in each impending game.


Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets

Unfortunately for the Bulls, the man whose jersey is depicted above, Derrick Rose, will not be in uniform for this game, but Chicago's stifling defense is sure to present Brooklyn with problems at the Barclays Center.

This jersey might be the most plain and simple of all, but there is something alluring about that Bulls red, accentuated by a silver, festive logo that should sparkle under the bright lights of the national stage.

Despite the glamor of New York and the hype that accompanies it, the Nets held back a little bit with their Christmas Day swag:

Dark and brooding color themes define this jersey, which are appropriate for how Brooklyn's season of high expectations has gone in getting off to a 9-16 start. The Nets lose the jersey battle, and they aren't a safe bet to win the game, either.


Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New York Knicks

It makes too much sense that a character with the unconventional fashion taste of point guard Russell Westbrook would be playing in a huge game and wearing an unusual jersey while doing so.

Westbrook should be the key to driving OKC's win in Madison Square Garden with a huge edge in his matchup, but the Thunder's jerseys don't pop quite as much as the Knicks' do.

Oklahoma City's blue isn't as accentuated as it could be. It's also nearly impossible to turn away from the ever-drawing orange New York dons, which will look especially good on the home hardwood.

Iman Shumpert may be charged with the task of guarding Westbrook at times or even prolific scorer Kevin Durant. If the Knicks don't win the game, they will at least look superior in their uniforms.


Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The two-time reigning NBA champions will play a team decimated by injuries, including two stars in Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, two future Hall of Famers, the latter whose jersey is pictured below.

An easy win in the Staples Center should follow for the Heat and LeBron James. The style in which they do it will be exciting to watch on the court, and showcasing this type of tight apparel on James' incredible physique should accentuate his eye-popping athleticism for a man his size.

Part of the Lakers' appeal is their purple and gold, but the former color is not as prominent here, faded in favor of a white shirt and silver logo.

The gold trim on the collar isn't nearly enough to compensate, making L.A.'s uniforms the least aesthetically pleasing of the holiday lot.


Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Considering how cool the Rockets logo looks, this apparel seems to be lacking something. A failure to launch something revolutionary with that epic of a symbol seems like a letdown, no matter how it stacks up with the others.

The font on the back is lacking creativity, too, but Houston's in-state rival stuck to rather boring elements themselves.

But that's what makes the Spurs so cool. Tim "The Big Fundamental" Duncan keeps showing up in prime time, year after year, along with his veteran teammates and emerging youngsters, rocking that depressing combination of black and grayish silver and winning, winning, winning.

For that reason, and the Rockets' lack of imagination despite a hot red to build on as a foundation, the edge goes to San Antonio here.


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors

A powerful red, white and blue theme invokes innate patriotism from the City of Angels, creating an excellent blend of colors as opposed to the muddled mess the team wore last year.

This is a much clearer, crisper design and should be considered the best jersey of the 10 on display on Christmas Day. Check out the back of Blake Griffin's jersey here at

One of the trendiest teams in the Association is Golden State, whose electric backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the best sharpshooting tandem in the game, while big offseason acquisition Andre Iguodala (above) has helped up the hype.

But while the Warriors' colors are unique and the yellow is pulled off nicely, this isn't enough to outdo the Clips.