5 Bold Predictions for the Road to the Royal Rumble

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 20, 2013

5 Bold Predictions for the Road to the Royal Rumble

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    As it heads into next month’s Royal Rumble event, expect WWE to go all out in the build up to the show—it is the first major stepping stone on the path to WrestleMania XXX, after all.

    What will be the major twists and turns on WWE programming from now until January 26?

    Well, in order of just how likely they are to come to fruition, here are my five best guesses for just what the WWE Universe is in store for.

    One thing is for sure: Raw and SmackDown are going to be must-see TV over the next month.

5. The Undertaker Will Return

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    Expect The Undertaker—last seen being badly beaten down by The Shield back in April—to resurface on television in the build up to the Royal Rumble to start hyping his WrestleMania XXX program.

    An appearance from him on the Pittsburgh show doesn’t seem out of the question either: After its recent spate of flat pay-per-view buys, the company will want to go all out to do a big number, and how better to ensure this than by hyping up an Undertaker return?

4. Brock Lesnar Will Return

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    Brock Lesnar has been keeping a low profile since he defeated CM Punk in the main event of SummerSlam in August.

    Interestingly, though, Paul Heyman hinted on his Twitter account earlier this week that the former UFC star now had new champion Randy Orton in his sights. It would be a fresh main event match, if nothing else (Orton has taken on Cena and Bryan too many times to count).

    Lesnar as a good guy is a compelling idea, too. He's done everything he can as a heel anyway.

    Don’t be too surprised if the star re-emerges on WWE television as a face and vows to win the Royal Rumble, so he can go on to main event WrestleMania.

3. WWE's Booking Will Hugely Improve

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    Let’s be honest: the booking in WWE over the past six months has been absolutely awful. Guys are turning left and right (The Miz, anyone?), big storylines have been dropped out of nowhere (Big Show’s concussion) and there’s generally a feeling of total indifference about everything. It’s not unlike the latter days of WCW, in fact.

    Thankfully, though, the Royal Rumble usually serves as a wake-up call to Vince McMahon and his writers.

    As we head into WrestleMania season, the pressure will be on to deliver great storylines and intriguing  matches—and the creative team should rise to the challenge.

2. There Will Continue to Be Problems Between Randy Orton and the Authority

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    Dissension between Randy Orton and The Authority has been teased over the last couple of months. In fact, Triple H and his wife seem to change their mind on almost a weekly basis as to whether they like the guy or not. On Monday, the scheming couple put the new champion in a match with Daniel Bryan—even though “The Viper” made it clear he was strongly against it.

    Expect the issues between Orton and the McMahons to continue throughout the build up to the Royal Rumble, and maybe even culminate with Triple H and Stephanie turning on the wrestler once and for all at the event and costing him his belt.

1. Daniel Bryan Will Return to the Main Event Scene

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    Following his tremendous crowd reactions on Raw and SmackDown in recent weeks, it appears WWE has been re-thinking its demotion of Daniel Bryan.

    In fact, he seems to be back firmly in the main event scene judging by this week’s Raw. The 32-year-old was endorsed by John Cena at the start of the show and later came extremely close to pinning new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a great match (Orton got himself DQ’d to avoid the loss then beat up both Bryan and Cena to close the show).  

    A triple threat bout at the Royal Rumble—in which Orton defends his title against both Cena and Bryan—seems likely.