WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Dec. 15

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 20, 2013


Randy Orton snagged much of WWE's social media buzz this week when he captured both of the company's world titles at TLC 2013.

The buildup to that match, memories of the past and a possible challenge for the future highlighted WWE's most intriguing tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos. Fans also got an unsettling look at Zeb Colter and one of many farewells to the former home of WWE developmental, FCW.

The Real Americans can't be happy to see Cody Rhodes and Goldust's faces at this point. Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger failed to dethrone the tag champs at TLC, continuing a run of frustration against them.

Neither Swagger and Cesaro then can be excited about seeing the creepy image WWE cooked up that melds their manager's face with Goldust's makeup.

There is an oddly mesmerizing quality to Colter's painted mug. For the most part, though, it's disturbing to see Colter's eyes stab through that makeup.

To cleanse one's eyes after that, perhaps it's best to soak in the sight of NXT women's champ Paige. 

With WWE taking their developmental system to Full Sail University and the Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., its former home, the FCW Arena in Tampa, isn't needed anymore. She tweeted a shot of herself at the venue before WWE's final show there.

Though that building houses several memories, the brightness of NXT's future makes it hard to be sad seeing the FCW Arena placed in WWE's rearview mirror.

It served as a transition period between Ohio Valley Wrestling and today's NXT. Both Orton and John Cena came out of OVW. Will any of the Superstars coming out of NXT achieve anything close to what either man has with the company?

Much of Cena's success can be attributed to his magnetism. 

That trait was on full display during his time hosting ESPN's SportsNation. The following video takes a look back at the appearance including some behind-the-scenes footage.

Before Cena and Orton's huge unification match at TLC, WWE wanted fans to relive other matches where two championships were merged.

Although there is no context provided for these, the look at 10 unification matches of the past is fun.

Nikita Koloff defeating Terry Taylor (no. 9) in 1987 to unify the UWF and NWA TV titles is a match that doesn't get talked about enough. This history behind Jerry Lawler's victory over Kerry Von Erich (no. 6) in 1988 to earn him both the AWA and WCCW belts is worth diving into.

As restrained as the violence was for Cena vs. Orton at TLC, it's surprising that WWE posted a video reminding us just how insane those matches once were.

It never gets old looking at Edge, Jeff Hardy and company crash landing on ladders and through tables.

That's the kind of action fans expected to see in the main event of Sunday's pay-per-view. The name of the event and the theme of the handsomely designed set promised as much.

TLC 2013 set at the Toyota Center
TLC 2013 set at the Toyota CenterPhoto from Instagram

Even with the brutality scaled back, Orton and Cena delivered stellar drama. It was an excellent main event to cap off a show that thrilled more often than it underwhelmed. The result, even with Orton's history, was surprising.

It's not often we see Cena fall.

Fall he did, though and Orton was there to reap the rewards. Not long after claiming the World Heavyweight Championship for his own, Orton was getting his name added to the belt.

Randy Orton gets his name on the World Heavyweight Championship.
Randy Orton gets his name on the World Heavyweight Championship.Photo from Instagram

Stephanie McMahon shared a picture of the new champion, a title hanging on each of his shoulders.

What happens next for Orton? Does Cena manage to knock off "The Viper," or does he remain "Champion of Champions?" Paul Heyman's tweet hints at an interesting possibility.

As WWE takes its first steps on the road to WrestleMania, one has to wonder what huge matches will be on that card. Brock Lesnar is sure to be a part of "The Show of Shows." Does he challenge The Undertaker, give CM Punk a rematch or else look to leave Orton with no gold left to hoist?

Regardless of his choice of foe, fans will surely be there clicking and tweeting away.