Animals Wrestling For The WWE? What a Sight That Would Be

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 31, 2009

Today I was thinking about how the WWE has changed. They have more action packed matches. However some of the story lines have little to be desired at times.

The WWE now of all things, has a petting zoo or maybe farm animals may be the right term. Vickie Guerrero has become a pig, Edge is a jackass(donkey) and Randy Orton is a wolf in sheeps clothing.Evan Bourne is a combination of a kangaroo and a monkey with all the juming and high flying antics he does. Thats something good though.

Also on the list of animals is Legacy, they are weasels, Umaga is a an ox, the Great Khali is a giraffe, Mark Henry is a moose, The Brian Kendrick is a chicken and it gets even better. Chris Jericho is a vulcher, always squawking about something.

Don't let me forget, the divas are beautiful swans. Big Show is a water buffalo thats big, strong and has a big appetite.

Santino Marella started all this by calling Vickie Guerrero a pig and Edge a jackass. And now his "alleged" twin sister is having a hog pen match and its going to be against Vickie.

When did the WWE let animals wrestle? Where is their pride and self respect? Animals belong in a zoo, on a farm or on the prairie. Who cleans up after them? And who feeds them? I hope whoever does do it doesn't get too close because they may bite. 

I love wrestling and grew up watching it. I watch it five nights a week. And I have never been disappointed. Some of the antics are hilarious, like with Santina and Vickie Guerrero. Santina/Santino always give a good performance whether its wrestling or their humorous pranks.

Is Santino/Santina's mama going to come to the WWE too? We all know Santino/Santina/mama Marella are all the same person. I would love to see Santino dress up as all three at the same time. Now that would be funny!