A Fan's Question To The NFL: Humane Society Or, Human Society!!

JAMES E KING IIIContributor IMay 31, 2009

In the past weeks and days since Michael Vick has been released from prison, the sports community has been assailed with the questions of his impending return to the NFL. Vick has become a "spokesman" for the Humane Society, as part of his rehabilitation and message of remorse for his past deeds.

With that, no one expects him back as a starting quarterback realistically this year. The Humane Society, the NFL, all of the Animal Rights Supporters, have condemned and extracted a huge price from this young man. And for the most part a bright and promising future is in its twilight, if not over.

The NFL’s most prevalent problem, is not "dog fighting", players carrying firearms, smoking pot, or even domestic violence—it’s alcohol, and alcohol-related offenses. The number of NFL players involved in DUI’s, drunken brawls, hit and runs and yes, even DEATHS has reached new heights.

While addressing its images with DRESS CODES, banning END ZONE CELEBRATIONS, enforcing new DRUG and CONDUCT policies, alcohol is practically given a free pass.

My case in point, Dante Stallworth. The now Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver, ran over and KILLED a pedestrian, while driving intoxicated. He is still collecting a check, practicing, signing autographs, and REPRESENTING the NFL. So, lets put this in perspective.

Vick truly committed and facilitated some HORRIBLE CRIMES, and has paid dearly for them. But, those were crimes against animals, and no matter how much we may love our pets, we surely hold HUMAN LIFE much, much dearer.

When we make sure that we extract the maximum penalty and sanctions from one individual, we must make sure that these penalties are done equally to all. If Michael Vick isn’t allowed to play, how do you think the families feel when they see the DRUNK that ran over their loved one, playing and being PRAISED on Nationwide TV, practically on a daily basis.

Someone, other than the victim’s family, should be losing a paycheck: at least!