Basketball Is Like Riding a Bike According to Still Sharp-Shooting Jerry West

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The great ones never lose it. 

SportsGrid's Jake O'Donnell spotted this video of Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West over on Yardbarker, which shows him draining one shot after another in front of a group of captivated kids. 

Now, both sites seem to think West states toward the end of the video that he hasn't shot the ball in 10 years, which would be just as remarkable as him dropping 12 shots in a row. 

It seems as though he says, "I haven't shot a basketball in (two) years."

That's nitpicking, because West could have brushed past a display of basketballs at a sports store on Wednesday, but it wouldn't make this video any less wonderful. 

You really have to love the way the man whose likeness adorns the NBA logo walks around, explaining how very easy this shooting guff is. 

Look kids, all you have to do is keep your arm like so and shoot like such and you will garner 14 All-Star nods and an NBA championship. 

We like to think the camera turned off and West explained the ease with which one can transition from a basketball player to an executive, pulling off transactions that reverberate for years. 

Lakers Nation's Ryan Ward has more on the Warriors consultant, stating that he was holding class for a group of youngsters at Golden State's practice facility. 

Little by little, and from every corner of the paint, West drains buckets with ease. This all proves a valuable point, kids: If you are Jerry West, basketball is indeed easy, even at 75 years young. 

Perhaps the Lakers could give him a call. With Steve Nash out and Kobe Bryant once again injured, Mike D'Antoni could always use an elderly volume shooter who can hit from anywhere. 

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