Matt Harvey Isn't Allowed Any Fun at a Knicks Game According to Irate WFAN Host

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Matt Harvey Isn't Allowed Any Fun at a Knicks Game According to Irate WFAN Host
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Matt Harvey is taking a lot of heat from a local radio host for daring to flaunt his happiness at a Knicks game alongside his model girlfriend. 

The nerve. 

The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre spotted a YouTube video containing some video that should have MLB fans across all manners of team loyalties rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. 

It features Joe Benigno going off on Harvey for having the audacity to, well, sit around and enjoy a basketball game (as much as one can enjoy a Knicks game these days). 

We understand it's tough to host a radio show. You have to fill hours with cutting takes on the world of sports while trying to carve out an interesting and unique niche people will gravitate toward. 

Let's just say Benigno is reaching here with the argument that he doesn't want to see his ace pitcher out on the town with his model girlfriend, Anne V, because the pain cuts too deep. 

The most pertinent part follows: 

I got no issue that he's there with this stellar supermodel, this Anne V, cause she's stellar... Harvey's like this mega celebrity. Let's be (real) the guy has basically done nothing...He's barely pitched a year. He's not going to play at all this year because of the Tommy John surgery. Who knows, this guy could turn out to be Mark Fidrych at the end of the day for all I know...And this guy is sitting there at courtside. He's all over this Anne V, God bless ya. But I don't need to see it. 

Benigno, it would seem, would be far happier if Harvey would kindly rehabilitate in some cave. 

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He goes on to say the sight of Harvey "canoodling" his girlfriend angers him. To be clear, it's not because Benigno has a thing against PDA, which would be understandable. 

No, it's because of the statute of limitations on when a star athlete can be seen out in public while injured, apparently: "If he's Tom Seaver, I get it. If you gone out there and had given my team 10 years of great pitching or, dare I say two..."

He goes on to reiterate the 2013 All-Star who posted a 2.27 ERA with nine wins and 191 strikeouts before going down with an injury has done nothing in his brief career. 

But hey, had he played "two" seasons he could go ahead and watch the Knicks play without fear of a public lambasting. I guess we can also discount Harvey's 2012 cameo wherein he chipped in 10 games and a 2.73 ERA. 

Now this isn't the first time Harvey has taken heat over his injury, because his peculiar and rather brief chat with Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show garnered a great deal of media criticism. The Mets' young star would later apologize for being so curt when asked about his injury. 

Now Benigno seems to realize he is being ridiculous and proclaims he is just frustrated with the state of New York sports at the moment. 

Poor Harvey didn't just get injured, but seems to be forever fated to get publicly vilified because of it. Well, Harvey, just make sure you stay clear of Benigno, because he can't stand the sight of you having any fun. 

We hate to think what he would say if Ike Davis showed up at a Knicks game. 

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