WWE Smackdown Recap Edge & Chris Jericho VS Jeff Hardy

vincent Mc CaffertyContributor IMay 31, 2009

           WWE Jeff Hardy vs Edge with Extreme Rules just nine days away.

without Rey Mystireo on the side of Jeff Hardy the odds of Jeff winning have rolled over( Chris Jericho attacked Rey dressed as a fan). As Jeff agreed the stipulation he quickly looses momentum.but Jeff to gain momentum Jeff uses his signature move the "Whisper in the wind"and uses a twist of fate on Y2J Chris Jericho soon to get speared by the "ultimate opportunist"Edge(one,two and three)"the winner of this match He is the rated R superstar Edge" edge but it was not over.Edge comes back with a Ladder!He soon hits the "charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy.then that was not over he crushes Jeff with the ladder in the ribs.Edge stands on the ladder and tests him with a taunt.

                       Will Jeff be able to make it to evan Extreme Rules?