This Superman Double Backflip Bike Trick Will Blow Your Mind

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Ethen Godfrey-Roberts has this pretty cool ability to not only defy gravity but perform some absurd flips while doing so.

If you are in to things that are amazing and awesome, and have time to experience something that will blow your mind, you might want to take a looksie at this video.

A tip of the hat and a wink of the eye go to Sploid's Casey Chan, who spotted what is being called the very first Superman double backflip

The stunt came during the ongoing Nitro Circus tour, which apparently features some seemingly levelheaded humans pulling off some ridiculous feats of athleticism. 

And really, all you need to know is that one veteran who has been around the block and seen just about everything was floored. 

X Games legend Travis Pastrana approached Godfrey-Roberts after he landed the trick and said what sounds like, "You spun so fast." Godfrey-Roberts replied with an exuberant, "I hit my spins really good."

That's as best we can tell from the giddy shouts coming from the two stunt maestros. However, all that was needed to convince you that this video was worth your time is Pastrana stating, "That was awesome." Even that is a gross understatement. 

Really, leaving the bike for a moment and stretching his legs would have been enough to catch our attention, but hopping back on in midair and forcing enough momentum to pull off another backflip is just astonishing. 

We are just glad Godfrey-Roberts decided to stop flipping end over end and come down from the stratosphere so we could all congratulate him for his efforts. 

Now if you need him, he is off somewhere leaping buildings in a single bound. 

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