WWE Wants Shawn Michaels to Face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIDecember 18, 2013


Shawn Michaels' increased involvement in the storyline with Daniel Bryan isn't an accident. According to a PWInsider report (h/t Wrestle Zone), WWE wants the Heart Break Kid to come out of retirement for a big match at WrestleMania XXX against their hottest rising star.

According to the report, the ball is "completely in his court" regarding the comeback. Michaels obviously takes his retirement match he had against the Undertaker seriously and wouldn't consider breaking that commitment easily. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan is a dream match for many fans. Michaels, considered by many the greatest all-around performer of his generation, trained Bryan at his wrestling school in Texas more than a decade ago. As the story goes, Bryan drove from Aberdeen, Wash. to Texas solely to work with his idol, HBK. 

The groundwork has been laid for the rivalry. Michaels snapped and cost Bryan a shot at the WWE title at Hell in a Cell. The following night, Bryan put Michaels in the Yes! Lock and wouldn't let go until officials pulled them apart. WWE even orchestrated the Slammy award presentation for Superstar of the Year by having Michaels present the award to Bryan, forcing the two to come face to face for the first time since Hell in a Cell. 

Finally, to close the Slammy episode of Raw, Bryan took out Michaels with a running knee strike during a chaotic melee in the main event segment. Michaels has been working a smarmy, heelish character since Hell in a Cell, which could be priming the fans for a return dream match.

For anyone upset over the WWE's treatment of Bryan for the last few months, this report should end all questions as to whether the company is behind the Flying Goat. Triple H would not request that his best friend come out of retirement for a match at WrestleMania to face Bryan if it wasn't totally behind him. 

And for those that cry that this would mean Bryan wouldn't be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event, all I have to say is get over it. Title matches will come, but there are bigger things in the world of sports entertainment, and facing Shawn freaking Michaels at WrestleMania in his first match in five years is absolutely one of them. 

Michaels also wouldn't do the match if he didn't intend to do the job and put Bryan over. The image of Michaels tapping out at WrestleMania with the crowd chanting "Yes!" would make Bryan's career. He would be a made man at that point, considered capable of beating anyone at any time. It would likely be the match of the night and cement his status as a main event player, much in the way Punk's bouts with The Rock and then the Undertaker set him permanently as an equal to John Cena.

As a big Michaels fan, I hope he comes out for one more match.