My Displeasure at Ric Flair

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2017

I have watched the past few weeks of Monday night Raw with gritted teeth. The reason is the mistreatment of Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase coupled with Ric Flair.

Firstly, on the topic of the henchmen of the great one Randy Orton! They have simply become whipping boys for Batista and *cringe* Ric Flair.

They are not involved in any story lines of their own, which is a disappointment. I, like many of you, would like to see them as the face of the tag team division: Dominating as heels like Randy and holding the world tag team titles.

To see them get beaten up to save Randy is an insult to their ability and potential and I would like to see this end soon.

Finally, Ric Flair.  Personally I have never been a fan of Flair as I don't believe him to be a great wrestler. I think Flair returning after the Wrestlemania match with Shawn is ruining his image, as he is very stale.

Watching him beat up on the young guys is so frustrating to watch. Flair needs to learn his time is gone and move on.

If he craves involvement, I would like to see him manage a young superstar, but he should not be in action.