JV Basketball Team Answers Last-Second Shot with Buzzer-Beater of Its Own

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One amazing shot deserves another, it seems. 

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas reports that two Indiana junior varsity teams reached deep into their bag of tricks to entertain the scant friends and family who were around to see the absurdly fortunate happen. 

In a game between the Avon Orioles and Harrison Raiders, Harrison’s Nathan Earl first stepped up to knock down a much-needed three-point bucket from distance. 

From there, the usual jubilation from the respective sidelines unfolds as Harrison believes it has the game well in hand. Really, what could possibly go wrong when you have left all but a moment on the clock for the opposition to use?

The two teams retreat to their respective huddles, where we presume Avon's coach mumbled something like, "Hey, Alec! We are going to need you to do the same exact thing but, you know, better."

That's essentially what happens, as Alec Pfledderer gets the ball with what seems to be a second on the clock. As we all know, the only thing you can do in that circumstance is grab and heave, which usually results in a ho-hum toss and the end of the game. 

Instead, Pfledderer's prayer of a throw is answered and bedlam ensues. 

OK, this is hardly bedlam, but it is the reaction you might expect from two JV teams and the group of fans who decided to sit back and take in a JV game. 

As Douglas notes, Avon goes nuts as an older couple with the best seats in the house act like they were watching prime-time coverage on The Weather Channel. 

The man even gets a little upset when the kids come barreling in his direction. Sorry to wake you up, sir, but we just dropped an NBA Jam-type winner from distance

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