USA U17 Clash Ends in Staring Match as Brazil Quits Before Time Expires

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 17, 2013

The only thing more boring than the waning moments of the recent USA and Brazil under-17 match may have been a rousing game of "Who can stay quiet the longest?"

Sports Illustrated's Brendan Maloy reports that things became rather defiant and dull between the young sides, because Brazil, down 4-1 with a few minutes remaining in the fixture, gave up. 

According to Maloy, Brazil weren't just standing around from the exasperated frustration of a 4-1 score, but rather annoyed at the referee for sending off their second player in the game with a red card. 

With 5 minutes remaining in the Nike International Friendlies match, the Brazilian players just stood at midfield with their hands on their hips. The American team responded in kind, by simply holding on to the ball and waiting for time to run out.

Anyone who ever claimed that soccer was completely devoid of action now has a video they can cite in their ridiculous arguments. 

We haven't yet been able to track down the circumstances in which the two Brazilian players were sent off. Anyone in the know, please be so kind as to inform us in the comments section below. 

It's clear from their petulant stances that Brazil certainly felt they were completely justified in their brief boycott of the proceedings. 

Still, there is hardly a reason to pull up and literally stand around with your country's colors on your back. File a protest, have your coach lambaste the officials after the game if you like. However, you owe it to your opponent and the sport to play the game out

The announcer, who sounds like he is reporting from a space station, chimes in with, "We're not going to have a lot of stoppage time—at least I hope not."

The YouTube description posted by the aptly named ThisIsAwkward states the game was called before it ever got to stoppage time, ending the moment the clock hit 89 minutes and 30 seconds, concluding what had to be the easiest five minutes some of these American players have ever had to endure. 


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