NHL Wants Complete Control over Player Uniform Trademarks

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IApril 21, 2008

When you think of Wayne Gretzky, what comes to your mind? A normal answer would be the countless offensive records he broke, the Stanley Cups, and the legend he created. But if you think deeper, about perhaps, his uniform style, what would come to mind? If you're thinking, a tucked in jersey, then you're absolutely right! Now come to more recent hockey and superstar Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. What about his trademark? If you're thinking tinted visor, you again are correct!

These two trademarks listed above are two of the many uniform differences players have had from the rest of the league. From superstars tucking in jerseys to players trimming their pants by the knee, these are all alterations, and some have become trademark! Now, the NHL wants to do away with this styling. Although nothing is official, starting next season the NHL will want to have complete control over what players wear, and how they wear it.

It will serve as a type of code, in which all players and uniforms must look alike. That means no material trimming, no jersey tucking, and no tinted visors. And if you thought that wasn't bad enough, how about controlling the color laces players have on their skates? The color tape they use on their stick? Yes, this ridiculous idea may be a reality next season.

For what reason would they want to do this? Does tucking in a jersey give a player an edge? Does a player with yellow laces have an advantage over a player with white laces? If you have any common sense, the answer is no. But since when have the NHL and common sense ever been hand in hand. The real reason, is the almighty dollar. With Reebok taking over as the major supplier of equipment in the NHL, the administration wants to make sure that not only do the players wear the same company, but also look completely alike.

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