Come on Hank Steinbrenner, Give It Up and Accept the Yankees Are Junk

Galen GarnerContributor IApril 21, 2008

    When will this guy give up and accept the fact that the Yankees are an average team with a big paycheck?

I read on that Hank Steinbrenner believes Joba Chamberlain is a waste of talent because he is a set-up man that throws 100-mph and he wants him in the rotation.

Steinbrenner even went as far to say, "You just don't do that. You have to be an idiot to do that."

This is where things get really comical to me. The man refers to himself and the New York Yankees organization as a bunch of idiots!

Ever since Hank Steinbrenner has taken over the responsibilities as head honcho of the Yankees, he has made a mockery of what use to be the dynasty of the New York Yankees.

His reign of humility started with a preseason spit fest by calling Red Sox Nation a bunch of fakes and declaring that the Yankees were rulers of the universe. Right, let me know when this happens so I can be sure to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. This guy's intelligence level has got to be somewhere along the same lines as a grapefruit.

The real issue here is that Steinbrenner is scared his Yankees are falling quickly out of the spotlight because they have taken a back seat to the more impressive Boston Red Sox. His jealous ego and loud mouth is destroying the legacy that the Yankees have managed to sustain for the past century.

Every time I see Hanky in the headlines, I get so excited because I know that I will be provided with a new source of humor for a good long while.

So to you Hank, thank you for the comedy and I can't wait to hear what garbage you can come up with next.