CM Punk's Return to Main Event Scene Would Jump-Start Road to WrestleMania

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2013

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While the company always seems to do what is “best for business,” it seems that of late, WWE Brass has been ignoring the deafening cheers for both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in favor of pushing other less deserving superstars.

And in Punk’s case, you cannot expect to be quiet about that fact.

While he has never been relegated to a low place on the card, Punk has seen his stock drop in recent months, mainly due to the elevation of countless other superstars that have long worn out their time at the top.

While guys like Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show still seem to be top guys in the eyes of management, Punk has consistently been placed into strange matches with even stranger circumstances. His feud with the Wyatt Family alongside Bryan led to a quick program that ended incredibly abruptly for the Straight Edge Superstar, as he immediately fell into a storyline with The Shield, one that came to head at TLC where Punk picked up a much deserved win.

With the biggest event on the WWE calendar, WrestleMania XXX, looming on the horizon in April, it is never too soon to start Punk’s return to prominence, one that could be concluded at that event.

At WrestleMania XXIX, Punk took on an impossible challenge, as the latest victim of the Undertaker’s streak. And while it seemed that maybe this year, the famous string of wins could come to an end for the Deadman, at the end of the contest, it was Punk who wound up on the losing end of things.

After being arguably one of the most popular superstars on the roster for many years and holding the WWE Championship for 434 days, making him the sixth-longest reigning champion of all time, it seems as if Punk deserves a lot more than he is currently getting.

As probably the best guy in the company in terms of his work on the microphone, Punk can elicit any reaction simply by opening his mouth, nearly always in a unanimous way. John Cena can deliver a promo in a compelling manner, but fans are nearly always split about whether to cheer or boo him.

When it comes to Punk, his feelings in whatever direction he is leaning are always skewed in that direction alone. If he is trying to deliver a heel promo, everyone boos. But in the time that he has been a fan favorite, his words deliver almost only cheers from the WWE Universe.

And Punk’s ability to play both sides of the good and evil coin is also a reason why, until recently, he has remained a top guy for most of his WWE run.

He is equally suited for both roles and can deliver cheers or heat depending on his actions or words alone. Few superstars can hope to do that on a consistent basis.

Sure, we were all somewhat thrown off when the normally affable Brodus Clay began what seems to be a full-fledged heel turn several weeks ago, but it is incredibly likely that everyone will lose interest in him very quickly, as fans did when he debuted and was a dancing big man with two cheerleaders.

But Punk’s character, no matter his allegiances, has never gotten stale. No matter his side of the fence, his promos are always fresh, never repetitive. While most superstars get on the mic every week and tell their opponents that they are going to beat them, Punk weaves words together seamlessly and truly makes people believe in what he is saying.

He even has the short-lived Straight Edge Society eating those words out of his hands.

With his scathing words to Shawn Michaels on Raw this week, Punk may have just begun what could be an incredibly hot storyline heading into the new year and even WrestleMania XXX itself.

Imagine two great talkers like Punk and Michaels exchanging heated words over the course of the next few months.

That is, of course, if Michaels chooses to come back for one night only.

And if anyone can generate interest in a single contest, it is these two. Punk has the unique ability to build so much hype behind a match simply by talking it up. It almost seems as if when he has a microphone in his hands, everyone sits back and listens. And yes, the fan reaction to his words is usually deafening, but it also seems as if they are genuinely listening to what he is saying. 

Though it is months away, the hype for WrestleMania begins long before the actual event itself.

The Royal Rumble, which takes place next in January, kicks off the road to WrestleMania, as the man who wins the match will receive a title shot at whoever is champion come the time for the most famous event on the professional wrestling calendar.

Could Punk be the one to win the match? Or will his role be one of a greater significance? Maybe one that ends with him finally silencing Michaels, who has always claimed to be "The Showstopper."

Could it be Punk who finally pulls the curtain on that performance? Time will tell.

But for company brass, maybe it should listen to the reactions that Punk is getting from crowds before placing him in yet another match with major odds stacked against him.

We all know that he’ll eventually come out on top, just like he always does.

As much as Cena seems to be the company’s savior when it comes to ratings and merchandising, Punk is its savior when it comes to holding the audience’s interest for longer than 10 seconds.

Love him or hate him, no one is changing the channel on CM Punk.