Taking The Reigns: The Mangini Era

Patrick MaceContributor IMay 30, 2009

Cleveland sports is and has been a troublesome spot for many fans over the years. Cleveland hasn't won a major sports championship in 45 years. Eric Mangini looks to change that.

Mangini, a veteran of eleven coaching years, four division titles, three conference titles, and three Super Bowl championships, looks to change the way the Browns have performed in the last couple of seasons.


The Cleveland Browns defense has been their downfall since the return in 1999. It has been feeding on the septic waste of the National Football League for well over ten years.

The defense ranked 26th overall in the NFL last year giving up a colossal 357 yards a game. Mangini looks to help out overall filling holes in the secondary and firming the defensive front.


On the offensive side of the ball, the Browns managed a measly 250 total yards a game with only 14.5 points a game in 2008.

The addition of center Alex Mack from the University of California, and wide receivers Brian Robiskie of Ohio State University and Mohammed Massaquoi from the University of Georgia brings young talent to the team. Plus the additions of David Patten and Mike Furrey bring veteran leadership.

Brady Quinn is taking the helms and looks to dish passes to Braylon Edwards who looks to return to "Pro-Bowl form" in 2009.

Eric Mangini looks to quench the Browns thirst for victory as he steps into the head coaching job in 2009.