Reindeer Rudolph Is a 5-Tool Phenom, According to Baseball-Reference Page

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIMarch 29, 2017

Photo Credit: Baseball Reference

Rudolph's age-seven season might have Santa Claus thinking contract extension. 

Baseball-Reference is most fans' go-to source for marvelous statistical minutiae, so it makes perfect sense for the website to feature the brief and glorious career of North Pole slugger Rudolph Claus Blitzensen

You read that right, one of our favorite websites to utilize for sabermetric endeavors is doffing its caps to holiday cheer with an entry for the one reindeer that can be counted on to save the day because of a once socially awkward shining nose. 

From the shortstop's humble days as a two-year-old to his breakout season with the North Pole Reindeer in the Holiday League, Baseball-Reference has you covered with massive amounts of information that sit on the site like ornaments on your own festive tree. 

You will seriously get lost on the page for a few minutes, finding some hilarious tidbits from the reindeer's baseball past. 

First, we have to tip our own respective hats to John Hartwell of Hartwell Studio Works and Jay Rogers of Jayro Design, who are the festive geniuses behind the page. 

Thanks to them, we get a baseball card that will take the sting out of remembering there is barely a week of shopping days left before Christmas. 

Photo Credit: Baseball Reference

One thing you will notice is Rudolph's 2008 season wasn't listed on the back of the card. If you head to the slugger's page, you will notice that was the year the reindeer was banned from playing in any reindeer games, a blight that continues to sully the sport and those who sat idly by as Rudolph was laughed at and called names. 

Sigh, like Pinocchio

Times change for the better, and Rudolph was given his chance with the most iconic call to the bullpen in the history of calls to bullpens.  

GIF Credit: Giphy

Bumping around the Workshop Summer League and Arctic League for a few years, Rudolph finally landed in the big show, nabbing the starting shortstop role for the North Pole Reindeer. 

He is locked up until 2023 when he will presumably test free agency, and will make $118 million from 2015-2022. Although, we just assume Jay Z will sign the flying animal to his Roc Nation Sports agency at that point, causing a long stalemate in negotiations. 

So enjoy all of this merriment and mirth while you can. 

Rudolph pretty much dominated 2013, posting a .826 OPS and 5.1 WAR while clubbing 12 home runs and swiping 33 bags. It's essentially Mike Trout with antlers. 

He might be a jubilant reindeer leading a sleigh on December 25, but he is a beast on the diamond every other day of the year. 

Again, you simply have to take a look at the page, because the same diligence and attention to detail Baseball-Reference delivers on human athletes resonates for reindeer as well. 

Now if any team is in need of a switch-hitting quadruped with a glowing nose, send queries to the North Pole where that fat guy with the sack of toys resides.


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