B/R NHL Playoff Pool Stanely Cup Round

Matt HunterCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Well, this year's playoffs are nearing an end with the Stanley Cup Playoffs coming to a start tonight. We have three finalists remaining and their picks and goals scored.

Round 3     Matt Hunter       Mike Howell            Steve Prud
Pit vs Car     Pit (6)                 Pit (6)                 Pit (7)
Total Goals  30                      35                      33

As you can see we have all three writers left choosing the Penguins in at least six games. So it looks like this final playoff pool will come down to total goals scored. As you saw from the last round, I guessed the total number of goals scored exactly, so I am going to to have to give myself the edge in this one *sarcasm*.

So let the Stanley Cup round commence, and hopefully in six games and 30 goals later, the Penguins will be hoisting the Stanley Cup, and I will be the first B/R NHL Playoff Pool Champion.