WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Dec. 16

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 16, 2013


The glow of victory will still be radiating off Randy Orton at the Dec. 16 WWE Raw.

Dallas, Texas plays hosts as Orton gloats and WWE looks to begin telling the stories that will lead to Royal Rumble 2014.

Orton ended the TLC pay-per-view as the owner of two world championships. John Cena's best efforts weren't enough, as he lost the World Heavyweight Championship and a chance at history.

Raw's headlining story will be what happens next with both Orton and Cena.

Orton is in line for another coronation ceremony. He'll have plenty to brag about now that he is WWE's "Champion of Champions." Will his next challenger step up on Monday's Raw, or is he destined to face Cena once more?

Randy Orton eyes his new championship.
Randy Orton eyes his new championship.WWE.com

Should Cena give a passionate speech on the show about his loss and what's next for him, it will come as no surprise.

The speech's direction will be most interesting, though. The former champ could either promise to win the Royal Rumble once again, demand a rematch or lay out the path he'll be taking in the near future.

The following is a preview of what fans should expect and be on the look out for as the post-TLC Raw takes over the American Airlines Arena.


News, Rumors, Potential Spoilers

Vince McMahon accompanied The Authority to celebrate Orton's win at TLC. Don't expect the chairman to be at Raw, though. McMahon is not advertised to appear on Monday's show. 

The pay-per-view main event ended with Cena falling awkwardly onto the mat and a propped-up table. It appears that Orton was trying to send his foe crashing through the wood, but Cena instead conked his head on it.

How John Cena ended his TLC match
How John Cena ended his TLC matchWWE.com

Word is that the spot didn't injure the former champ.

PWInsider, via WrestlingInc.com, reports that there was "no talk of Cena suffering any real injury in the match." Expect him to show up to Raw and be one of the show's major focuses.

Also, count on more cracks in The Shield's unity. After some tension between Dean Ambrose and his teammates over the last few weeks, WWE appears to be using Roman Reigns as a catalyst for dissension.

It was Reigns' errant spear that put Ambrose out long enough for CM Punk to get the upset victory at TLC.

Dean Ambrose writhes after taking a spear from Roman Reigns.
Dean Ambrose writhes after taking a spear from Roman Reigns.WWE.com

In his five-point preview on WWE.com, Mitch Passero asks if Reigns is the trio's weak link. In reference to Reigns, he writes, "Has Punk uncovered the code to beating The Shield?"

Count on continued infighting between the group centered around Reigns and Ambrose's tension.


Undercard Feuds and Storylines

The night's other biggest stories will surround The Wyatt Family's continued recruitment of Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston's continued momentum and Cody Rhodes and Goldust's tag team reign.

Bryan lost to The Wyatt Family at TLC, leaving the ring with a reddened back.

Bray Wyatt will persist in trying to convince Bryan to join his clan. Does "The Flying Goat" join the men who wear sheep masks, or does he fight them off once more?

The TLC bout didn't feel like the end to this story. It will take a major victory over Wyatt to convince him to stand down. Bryan's valiant showing at the pay-per-view will only further entice "The Eater of Worlds."

Damien Sandow was unable to take the Intercontinental Championship away from Langston on Sunday's pay-per-view.

Look for the champ to continue to receive a healthy portion of the spotlight. WWE highlights him in the Raw preview, writing that "perhaps no one is riding a bigger wave of momentum into 2014 than Big E."

That wording as well as the consistent discussion of the IC title's prestige as of late points to Langston defending the title often to try and send his career skyward. Fandango's win over Ziggler at TLC is a possible first step to him challenging Langston.

Rhodes and Goldust successfully retained at TLC as well. Three pairs of foes were not enough to take them down.

Goldust soars toward Big Show.
Goldust soars toward Big Show.WWE.com

Passero writes in his WWE.com Raw preview, "Who will be next to test their brotherly bond?"

That's a strong hint that the latest challengers will step up to the champs on Monday's Raw. The only question is if it will be one of the duos that faced Rhodes and Goldust at the Toyota Center or if WWE is planning on moving on to new enemies.

Unless The Usos or The Prime Time Players turn heel, the list of viable villainous challengers is mighty short, though. The Wyatt Family seem more interested in destruction than championships.

A team that is lower on the card appears to be no more. Tensai and Brodus Clay had a falling out at TLC.

Clay was overly aggressive in Tensai's eyes, and so "Sweet T" left his partner's side, just as The Funkdactlys soon did. WWE has been hinting at a Clay turn, as he's shown off a darker side in his bouts against Xavier Woods.

Monday's Raw looks to be the home of the Tons of Funk's split and the genesis of a Tensai and Clay feud.

Between the fires from TLC cooling and the flames rising for Royal Rumble, WWE has a number of intriguing directions to take. Feuds will begin and challengers will rise on the first episode of Raw to feature the man to first be called Champion of Champions.


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