Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend: Arsenal Stars Bad Losers

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistDecember 16, 2013

Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend: Arsenal Stars Bad Losers

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    Although it's named the Beautiful Game for good reason, football has as many hiccups, mishaps and momentary lapses in judgement as any sport, whether it be at the professional level or Sunday league.

    This weekend offered up another sampling of stark-faced mistakes, the most blunderous of which have been included ahead, with players from England, Germany, Italy and Belgium all featuring.

    Arsenal's 6-3 defeat to Manchester City was a hard one to take, but it seems frustration even spills onto the pitch from time to time, with a very small portion of those playing taking the loss in an unprofessional manner.

    That's only the tip of the iceberg, however, in the biggest world football blunders of the weekend.

1. Kwadwo's Open Goal Waste

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    Although the match would eventually go on to finish 4-0 in Juventus' favour, Kwadwo Asamoah had the opportunity to make things far easier on the Turin giants this weekend.

    Had the Ghanaian taken his chances with the same clinical nature as teammate Carlos Tevez, Mauricio Isla would have grabbed more than just the one assist in the routing of Sassuolo.

    However, it was not to be for Kwadwo, who firmly bolted his effort wide of Gianluca Pegolo's goal and correctly buried face in hands in order to think on his mistakes.

2. Jordan Lukaku Own Goal

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    Romelu Lukaku is really handy when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net, so Belgium manager Marc Wilmots might be pleased to see that the starlet's younger brother Jordan is also skilled in the trade.

    The only problem being that the younger of the two siblings actually guided the ball past his own goalkeeper this weekend, giving OH Leuven a surprise lead in the process.

    The Anderlecht defender, on loan at Oostende might want to look a tad sharper facing his own net next time, especially when talk of match-fixing is rife at the moment.

    People may start getting suspicious, after all.

3. Yaya Toure Forgets His Midfielder Basics

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    Growing up, midfielders and defenders alike are taught that one of the golden rules of their game is never to get caught in possession, especially not in one's own territory.

    Well, having reached the top level, Yaya Toure clearly isn't brushing up on his early academics and paid no mind to the unwritten law this weekend, gifting the ball to Theo Walcott before seeing his side punished as a direct result of the slip-up.

    Never mind, of course, as Manchester City would eventually triumph 6-3 over Arsenal, but the mistake was made and shouldn't be forgotten all that quickly.

4. Nicolas Hofler's Wrapped Present for Schalke

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    Schalke's recent win over Freiburg never looked like being the tightest of fixtures, but it was certainly helped along when Nicolas Hofler's was putting finishes like these in the back of his own net.

    With acres of space around him and just about nothing being applied in terms of pressure, one wonders what the Freiburg man thought required such a reaction.

    The lesson "never take your eyes off the ball" certainly springs to mind for Hofler, in any case,with reactions perhaps in need of a slight tightening, too.

5. Jens Grahl's Offering to Aubameyang

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    Results against Borussia Dortmund are a hard thing to come by for any Bundesliga outfit, so for Hoffenheim goalkeeper Jens Grahl to let this one slip when his side manage a draw is especially frustrating.

    Just as Hoffenheim were about to head into halftime with a 2-0 lead, the club's No. 1 made a split-second judgement that was so close but so far, dropping a claimed aerial ball in the most punishable of areas.

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang gladly obliged by pouncing on the free ball and lashing home from all of one yard, rubbing further salt into the wound of Grahl.

6. Wilshere and Ozil Reactions to Manchester City Loss

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    Manchester City's drubbing of Arsenal this Saturday wasn't fun for any supporter of the North London visitors, but Per Mertesacker appears not to see any result as a sufficient reason for not thanking one's fans in the aftermath.

    Upon seeing Mesut Ozil neglect his duties in this sense, the German was quick to reprimand his countryman, who had failed to acknowledge the travelling support.

    However, in an even more lamentable act of match reaction, Jack Wilshere saw fit to give the chastising Citizens a symbol of his appreciation, this time coming in the form of a middle finger gesture.

    Calls have since been made for the midfielder to receive a ban for his blunder, although there's no official word on the matter just yet.