Brandon Marshall Gives Jay Cutler a Kiss, Shirtless Chicago Bears Fans Celebrate

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 16, 2013


To call the Chicago Bears’ victory Sunday over the Cleveland Browns one of the most “Chicago-y” games of the season would be an understatement.

Chicago fans went shirtless in freezing temperatures, Jay Cutler infuriated/elated Bears fans with his play and a wonderful bromance was renewed between two veterans.

Cutler’s impending return from injury had polarized the Bears fanbase over the last two weeks, with many hoping for Marc Trestman to cement hot backup Josh McCown in the starting role.

Half of Chicago seemed ready to move on from J-Cutty, while the other half—well, they wanted that old thing back.

Count Brandon Marshall in the latter of these two groups.

The veteran wideout caught one of the three Cutler touchdowns thrown in the game as the Bears battled back for a 38-31 victory over the Browns. He couldn’t have been happier to see Cutler back on the field and winning, and he showered his teammate with affection.

First came the sideline bro-hug session in the fourth quarter. Marshall grabbed Cutler and pulled him into his lap on the bench.  Reddit user MowwMoww (h/t David Covucci of spotted the moment, and it was adorable.

Image via REddit

The bromance continued after the game when Marshall crashed a postgame interview and planted a smooch on his quarterback's cheek. 

It was an emotional victory for Chicago, and the Bears fans at FirstEnergy Stadium were in high spirits. They supported their team the only way they know how—by popping the top in 20-degree weather and showing off the goods. 

GIF via Reddit

Reddit user -MarcusD- (h/t Covucci) discovered the shirtless wonders.

Indeed, it was a day full of all the predictable awfulness and soaring glory of a Jay Cutler return to form. The question is, will we see he and Marshall bro-ing out this hard next year?


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