Analyzing WWE's Feuds (Week 3): Seriously Vince?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IMay 30, 2009



Welcome to week 3 of "Analyzing WWE's Feuds." As always I will be analyzing the current feuds of the WWE and whether I think the WWE should "End it" or "Pursue it" based on what I see in the rivalry.




This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry or the quality of matches or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the second installment.










WWE and the Denver Nuggets




I was almost embarrassed to be a wrestling fan when I saw the WWE had brought in Stanley Kroenke and Jack Nicholson impersonators.



I felt it did nothing to increase viewership to make a big deal out of the Denver Nuggets thing. The goal was to get NBA fans to watch the WWE. The NBA fans didn't care and the WWE fans didn't care either. It was retarded and pointless and really took away from the show.



I mean, what is next? Is the WWE going to do something with Sherri Sheppard and The View? Wait, they already did. Give me a break WWE. No one cares that you have to move venues and no one cares about the lame skits with Vince McMahon and those lame impersonators.



I'm glad it was only a one night deal.



Ruling: "End It"






Batista and Randy Orton




WWE put their most important rivalry on hold so they could have a very lame 5 on 5 "Playoffs" tag team match.



This feud has been lack luster and Batista's return has been very boring thus far. There is absolutely no depth to this rivalry. All we know is Batista is upset because Orton injured him and he wants the WWE Championship.



It is the same tune the WWE keeps playing over and over again. I've been waiting for something else to develop in this feud. I've got nothing except a Ric Flair appearance



Ruling: "End It"







John Cena and The Big Show




I have already said how boring this feud has been and now they're going to put them in a submission match? Only people like Kurt Angle should be having matches like that. Someone who can make the match thrilling.



The Big Show and John Cena have successfully bored the crap out of me three weeks straight and I pray that I will never have to see them work together after Extreme Rules.



Ruling: "End It"







Santino/Santina and Vickie Guerrero




Santino is funny, but I think he could be used much better than this. I mean I don't want to see him dressed in drag having a Hog Pen match with Vickie Guerrero; do you?



There was a time when general managers just made decisions and matches and didn't get involved with the wrestlers. Putting Vickie in a match on a PPV is just an awful idea.



I don't care anything about Vickie or seeing her fight Santino in drag.



Ruling: "End It"










Christian, Jack Swagger, and Tommy Dreamer




ECW has really been on a roll lately. ECW has the pleasure of having Evan Bourne, The New Hart Foundation, and this awesome feud between 3 of their brightest stars on their roster.



This feud is very interesting. You have Tommy Dreamer as the veteran. Then you have Christian Cage who is at the top of his game and Jack Swagger who is the rookie. It is like a battle of the generation. I like it.



This feud is actually making the ECW Championship look like it is worth something. I hope this one lasts past Extreme Rules with a more developed storyline.



Ruling: "Pursue It"










Jeff Hardy and Edge




These two guys have been just about the only thing keeping me interested in the WWE for awhile. Jeff went from someone who everybody thought was leaving the company to someone who is in the main events at Pay Per Views.



I'm sure many fell this feud is a bit dried up, but the two work very well together and I am still interested and exited about their rivalry.



However it should end after Extreme Rules.



Ruling: "Pursue It"




Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio




I have nothing against this feud as they do work well together, but the simple fact is that they should both be doing different things.



Chris Jericho should be working in the main event scene with Edge and Jeff Hardy and Mysterio should be working with the younger mid-card talent.



If Jericho wins the IC title then I'm really going to be confused. Rey should be elevating the young guys. Although I'm sure it could work either way.



I'm sort of on the fence as they have progressed the story somewhat with Jericho wanting to take off Rey's mask.



This is a tough call......



Ruling: "Pursue It"







CM Punk and Umaga




 I had high hopes for this feud, but after I saw no follow up to the first attack I completely lost interest. I just don’t care. I don’t care that Umaga keeps attacking CM Punk. Maybe I might if they give Umaga a reason for doing so.



My interest in this rivalry is just non-existent. I would rather see Vickie Guerrero face Hornswoggle in a Piñata on a Pole match.



Ruling: "End It"