Taking on the “Experts” - Stanley Cup Finals

5-hole.comContributor IMay 30, 2009
Workers help dress the <a href=Red Wings injury replacement for Nicklas Lidstrom (Reuters)" width="549" height="405" />

Workers help dress the Red Wings injury replacement for Nicklas Lidstrom (Reuters)


Throughout the playoffs, we will be predicting the winners of each series and comparing our picks to those of the experts around the sporting world.

Here are our predictions for the Stanley Cup Finals:




#2 Red Wings vs. #5 PenguinsRed Wings in 6Red Wings in 7Red Wings in 7

ESPN’s Expert Picks:espn-picks-round-4

TSN’s Expert Picks:


Everyone pour one out tonight for Maggie the Monkey who made her last pick ever for TSN.

Since it appears that Peter Laviolette–with his 7-5 record–has given up on being an Expert, Ray Ferraro has taken his place. Their points will be combined and they shall be referred to as “The LavioRaros,” which is sorta like The GiaWigs.

Yahoo! Sports Expert Picks:

SeriesfoxJim FoxmckeonRoss McKeonromigMatt RomigwyshynskiGreg Wyshynski
#2 Red Wings vs. #5 PenguinsPenguins in 6Red Wings in 6Penguins in 6Red Wings in 7

I will keep standings based on how many corrects picks each expert makes. For each correct pick, the expert will receive 1 standings point. If the expert correctly guesses the winner and the number of games the series will last, they will get 2 points. The TSN experts didn’t bother to say how many games each series would take so they can’t get any bonus points. Sucks to be TSN!

Current Standings

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