5 Mistakes Chelsea Should Avoid Making in the January Transfer Window

Rachel Bascom@@Rachel_BascomContributor IIIDecember 16, 2013

5 Mistakes Chelsea Should Avoid Making in the January Transfer Window

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    The Premier League season is almost halfway over now, and as well as having a clearer idea of who the main title contenders are, it also means that speculation, gossip and deal-making can commence as we approach the January transfer window.

    Jose Mourinho has had much to say about Chelsea's potential activity—or lack thereofthis transfer window, but it is not often that a manager keeps his word as far as potential transfer deals are concerned. So that certainly won't stop us from weighing in on the topic.

    We talk a lot about the players that each club should buy, but if Chelsea want to be in good stead for the rest of the season, there are certain mistakes that they should avoid making. Here are a few of the things that Chelsea should not do this January.

Not Spending Money

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    Chelsea might only be two points off the top of the table, but that does not mean that they have the perfect squad.

    In fact, the squad is far from perfect, and recent performances against Stoke, Basel, and West Brom have brought to light many of the biggest weaknesses in the current squad.

    Even a good squad needs strengthening in January in order to maintain a Premier League challenge through May, and as such, Chelsea definitely need to add at least a couple of players.

Wasting Money on an Expensive Player

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    For some reason, those Radamel Falcao rumours seem to be resurfacing in some quarters, but going after the Colombian would be a big mistake.

    Yes, he is a great player, and Chelsea would certainly benefit from another top-class striker. However, in the last few months it has been at the back, rather than up front, where the Blues have needed the most improvement.

    Furthermore, spending a ridiculous amount of money on a star striker would exhaust the transfer funds and put any other possible transfers under threat.

    There are plenty of good players out there and even a few unsettled ones who could be signed for a relatively low price. It would be far better to sign a couple of those than one big potential flop.

Focusing in the Wrong Area

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    To continue in a similar vein, it is crucial that Chelsea focus on strengthening the right areas.

    In all the talk of this season's goal-scoring records, everyone seems to have forgotten that Chelsea has some major problems at the back, and they don't really even have a natural central defensive midfielder.

    At the very least, Chelsea need to buy another centre-back and possibly a defensive midfielder. If they do not get another striker, it wouldn't matter. In fact, other than in goal, up front is probably the lowest priority in terms of where the Blues need to add reinforcements.

Panic Buying

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    While it would be a mistake to let this window go by without a new signing, it is important to note that spending for the sake of spending would also be a mistake.

    Chelsea do have a great squad, and although it has its weaknesses, they should not feel pressured into signing whatever players they can get.

    In fact, the Blues have a good enough squad that they can afford to wait out the transfer window until the right deal comes along. And only then should they splash the cash.

Letting Key Players Go

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    Is David Luiz still a key player? Juan Mata? Who can Chelsea let go and who must stay?

    At this point in the season, it is probably best to keep as many players as possible. But if selling a big player who isn't playing can free up some funds to bring in more quality players, it might be something to consider.

    However, January is not the best time to let a player leave the club, and if Chelsea really aren't planning on buying anyone, they might regret letting go of one of the strongest squad members come March.

    Furthermore, players like Luiz and Mata are still quality players who could come into form at the right time for Chelsea this season. They are the kinds of players that could help the club to continue to challenge in multiple competitions.