WWE and Smackdown Still Rockin In L.A., California

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2017

last night on Smackdown, there was a tag team match scheduled with the team of Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho and World heavyweight champion Edge. At least it was supposed to be that way.

When the show started, Rey Mysterio came out being his usual fan loving self. As he was addressing the fans, one of his opponents for later on in the show, Chris Jericho came out. And as usual he was complaining and whining, throwing big words around.

Whatever he was dishing out, Rey Mysterio was giving it right back to him. Rey is not to be intimidated. That's not in his repertoire. Jericho is never happy. Wait, I take that back, he's happy when someone is suffering.

Later in the evening at the main event, Rey Mysterio was walking down the ramp and high-fiving the fans and put his mask on a child who had one on. Thats what he usually does. Next to that child was someone dressed like Rey. When he went past him, he grabbed Rey's arm and hit him into the rail.

The masked man jumped over the rail and pulled off his mask and it was none other than the cynical Chris Jericho. He doesn't understand why Rey wears a mask. He thinks Rey is hiding behind it. What was Chris Jericho wearing one for? What is he hiding?

Mysterio suffered injuries from the attack but may have suffered even more if Jeff Hardy hadn't come out and hit Jericho from behind. Rey wasn't able to wrestle in the tag team match so Jeff agreed to go two on one, a handicap match.

Jeff had his hands full with Jericho and Edge, the ultimate opportunist. Hardy and Edge have a ladder match at Extreme Rules. That should be a huge match besides the one with John Cena and Big Show.

In the ladder match, blood may be shed because Edge and Jeff are very experienced at those kind of matches. They practically invented it. I have two questions. Why would Jeff Hardy even want a ladder match?

There is a good chance that the odds may be against him. Will Matt Hardy interfere with the match like he did at Judgment Day and cost his brother the match and his opportunity at getting the gold?

While I'm at it I might as well ask this question too. We all know Vickie doesn't want Edge to lose the belt, and will do anything to make sure it stays where it is.

Even though she has her own match (oink,oink) against Santina, and Chavo will be there with her, is it possible Vickie will have someone else interfere in Edge's match and maybe even her own?

Theres always a chance of something going haywire especially when Edge and Vickie are involved. And that my friend is something that we have to wait and see on June 7.