What MLB Teams Are Getting the Most Bang for Their Buck in Wild Offseason?

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What MLB Teams Are Getting the Most Bang for Their Buck in Wild Offseason?
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Re-signing Hunter Pence wasn't cheap for the Giants, but they saved some by locking him up early.

In free agency, the name of the game is value.

Of course, when there are a limited supply of players and a number of teams bidding for their services, it's hard to find value. Instead, loads of cash tend to get stuffed into players' pockets with teams hoping that they'll be worth it—or at least close to worth it—in the end.

That doesn't mean, though, that it's impossible to unearth a cheap option (relatively speaking) that could pay off handsomely. Nor does it mean that teams can't still do a quality job of getting bang for their buck, even when it comes to some bigger names—and even bigger money.

That in mind, let's take a look at a handful of clubs who have done well in either respect (or both) this offseason.

Keep in mind, as pointed out in an earlier iteration of this bang-for-buck evaluation: In general, the market price for a win is considered to be about $5-6 million in free agency, although that number surely is trending higher. In fact, it may be closer to $7 million per win on the open market this year when all is said and done.

Before we get started with the teams, a reminder: The focus here is only on free agency, meaning trades aren't considered (even though the financials are often a motivating factor in a swap). Also, the idea is to evaluate teams as a whole rather than an individual contract, so this will be skewed toward clubs who have signed multiple free agents.

Lastly, teams are listed in order of least money spent to most spent on such transactions.


*All wins above replacement statistics come from FanGraphs (fWAR).


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