Mike Shanahan Walks out of Press Conference After Job Security Questions

Gary DavenportNFL AnalystDecember 15, 2013


For a guy who reportedly wants to stay in Washington, head coach Mike Shanahan has a funny way of showing it.

The sad story of the 2013 Redskins took yet another twist on Sunday, when Shanahan dropped the mic on reporters following the team's loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Shanahan grew exasperated at questions from the media regarding swirling reports about his job security, thanked everyone for coming and then hit the road.

It's certainly understandable that Shanahan got upset. Obviously, what reporters should have been asking about was the Redskins' seven turnovers against the Falcons. Or maybe they should have asked about Shanahan's decision to go for two with 18 seconds left rather than kicking the extra point and forcing overtime.

By the way, the St. Louis Rams thank you. Expect a fruit basket or some cheese.

Or, perhaps the media should have inquired about the growing quarterback controversy, which grew larger after Kirk Cousins threw for 381 yards and three scores against Atlanta.

Those are much more comfortable topics.

But no, the media has to ask whether Shanahan expects to be fired or if he's seen the reports that his own son is heading for the lifeboats.

Actually, Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post reports that the question that sent Shanahan packing, asked by Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch,  “Is there anything you’re doing, or can do, to stop these reports from coming out?”

The reports Phillips is referring to are the nearly daily leaks from "sources" inside the Redskins, such as Adam Schefter's Sunday report at ESPN claiming that Shanahan wants to come back in 2014.

Shanahan has seven million reasons to want to come back next year (or get fired), but while his mouth may be saying, "I want to return," his actions are saying, "are there any bridges left around here I haven't reduced to ashes yet?"

Shanahan looked over the press conference, decided there wasn't and left.

Stay tuned, folks. This one isn't close to over.