Former WWE Diva Maria Continues to Slam the Bellas, Talks ROH, Going to TNA

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 14, 2013

Maria, not shy about saying how she feels.
Maria, not shy about saying how she feels.from

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis has been making the media rounds for ROH's Final Battle show (due to take place Saturday evening in New York), and the former Diva hasn't been shy to open up about a variety of different talking points.

Kanellis once again trashed current WWE wrestlers The Bella Twins. Kanellis has famously slammed Nikki and Brie in the past for costing her a WWE deal earlier this year. The Playboy cover girl also alleged that the duo had sabotaged the returns of two other former Divas.

Will this feud ever end?
Will this feud ever end?from

This online feud has now taken a hilarious turn, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via (WrestlingInc). Apparently, things got so heated between the girls that their dads even got involved.

We've noted before how Maria Kanellis blamed The Bella Twins for blocking her and other former Divas from return to WWE. Maria said in a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling that the Bellas' father called her to tell her to stop saying mean things about his daughters. Kanellis said her father got into a big fight over the phone with the Bellas' father.

Fact: This story alone is already more interesting than anything that has happened on Total Divas. (With the possible exception of John Cena's meltdown after Nikki put her workout clothes in the wrong laundry hamper.)

Maria could go places in ROH.
Maria could go places in ROH.from

In another interview, with Wrestling 101, Kanellis also discussed going to TNA, noting that the promotion had contacted her about coming in but that she had elected to stay with ROH.

TNA called me twice this year, I think they’re a great company but I’m loving my time in ROH and I’m definitely happy with my fiancée. Who knows if that will ever change, but I wish TNA all the best in the world, I think the girls there are tremendous.

Kanellis also praised Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and A.J. Lee in the interview, showing that's she's not totally down on her WWE stint, despite what many may think. 


As ROH's official site noted, she also made an appearance earlier this week on VH1's Gossip Table. This is probably the only time we'll ever see "VH1" and "ROH" in the same sentence. 

So, what to make of the star's recent spate of interviews?

Beautiful, outspoken and blessed with a fair amount of mainstream appeal, the former WWE Diva can clearly be an asset to ROH.

Assuming, of course, the floundering promotion is any condition to capitalize on her.