Randy Orton the "Career Killer" and the Beauty of Mr. Kennedy's Release

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 30, 2009

An overrated and under-talented piece of WWE talent has just been released from World Wrestling Entertainment and his name is Missssssster Kennnnnnnedy!

To make matters more interesting, Randy Orton himself might be responsible for Kennedy's release and in more ways than one.

During Raw's five-on-five main event last week, Randy Orton hit Mr. Kennedy with a perfectly executed RKO. As a result, Kennedy injured his wrist to an extent of which is unknown at this point in time.

But for a man who has been in and out of action for as long as I can recall, an injury was the last thing Mr. Kennedy needed. Only this time, Randy Orton wasn't trying to hurt Mr. Kennedy.

Orton is known as being one of the safest workers in the business (meaning that he can "sell" moves as being real while also being careful enough to not actually injure the people he works with).

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Mr. Kennedy.

Apparently, Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy had a heated discussion backstage after the event. You'd think that it would be Kennedy furious at Orton for putting him on the shelf yet again but it was actually Orton who had to educate Kennedy on the more basic points of safe ring-work.

The underlined message Orton sent...Kennedy needs to work safer in the ring or he's going to injure somebody.

It's not the kind of stuff that most fans would see on TV, but I took the time to watch the match again and I saw one thing in particular that I think might have been the source of Orton's frustrations.

If you recall, Kennedy gave a back suplex to Orton.

If you watch the maneuver closely, you'll notice that Orton rolled all the way backwards to basically land on his feet after his back took the brunt of the impact.

He swung his arm in frustration in Kennedy's direction (not to hit him, he just looked upset and in pain) before making the tag to get himself out.

I think that might have been it.

It appears as if Kennedy wasn't being very careful in the ring and Orton might have felt that Kennedy's neglect could have led to an injury, to Orton or another Superstar.

Everyone gets ring-rust, especially when you've been out of action for as long as Kennedy had been. He didn't belong in the main event if he wasn't capable of performing at a main event level.

Randy Orton has every right to be upset and even despite Kennedy's release from World Wrestling Entertainment, I feel that Kennedy still owes Orton a public apology.

Why you might ask?

Earlier in the night, Randy Orton and Ric Flair had a confrontation.

Ironic seeing as while Ric Flair accused Orton of "sucker-punching" him the week prior but he had no problem "sucker-slapping" Orton last week only to get himself beaten down, as would happen in real life.

As Orton made his way back up the entrance ramp, he was interrupted by Mr. Kennedy.

Kennedy announced that he was going to be in the main event that night but more disturbingly, he announced that he was going to become the WWE Champion.

The WWE Champion? Give me a f***ing break.

Kennedy doesn't deserve being in the same vicinity as the WWE title, much less competing for a title that he doesn't deserve.

Kennedy was no where near that level back when he undeservedly won the Money In The Bank Ladder match two years ago, much less near that level coming back brittle and bearded.

Randy Orton went out of his way to make Kennedy look good on Raw last week, and what thanks did he get?

You don't know what I'm talking about?

Randy Orton is the WWE Champion. He has taken out the WWE's real top talent with no remorse.

He put the great Triple H on the shelf, kissed his unconscious wife after hitting her with a DDT and even punted Vince McMahon himself in the skull on national television.

He's a viper with no conscience what so ever.

Yet, he just stood there on the stage and allowed Kennedy to make unrealistic proclamations.

A character of Orton's caliber even allowing Kennedy to speak managed to "put over" Kennedy to a degree that he never deserved, even if the people don't recognize him doing so.

If Randy Orton was willing to slap and punt Vince McMahon in the head, allowing a man of Kennedy's caliber to interrupt him and make false promises without laying a finger on him was a very generous move indeed.

And how did Kennedy repay Orton?

By showing reckless abandon in the ring and insulting the very man who put him over that night.

People are beginning to speculate that the reason Kennedy was released (besides the financial risk he has become due to his inability to remain healthy) was due to Orton's pull with the company.

If it does have anything to do with Orton directly, know that Mr. Kennedy only has himself to blame.

Goodbye, Mr. Kennedy, good riddance actually.

He was a decent mid-card competitor but it makes me sick to my stomach to see undeserving Superstars pushed far past their level in an effort to get the fans to cheer just one more time.

Dust off the microphone, Mr. Kennedy and go do announcing for TNA, god knows they need it.


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