Back Where The Seahawks Belong: In The Playoffs

Andrew WindenCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

The NFC Division is going to scare some teams this year with all the talent that the Seahawks offense will have backand healthy. 

First of all, the offense brings in TJ, Butler.  Butler had the second fastest forty time at the combine this year, he just lacks the size. Who needs size when you can run good routs at that speed and get deep down the field?

Second, there hasn't been a lot of talk about Justin Forsett. I think he is going to be my break out season player for the Hawks. People underestimate his height only being 5'8", as a RB but he has been collecting a lot of snaps in the OTA'S.

Thirdly, you have to remember that this 2008 season was the first year they haven't been in the playoffs. They were in the playoffs the last few years and the Superbowl. So when you hear people talking crap about the Seahawks, ask them, "Oh, when was the last time your favorite team made like five consecutive playoffs"? I doubt they'll be able to give you an answer.

Lastly, all the talk about the Seahawks trading for Thomas Jones is a load of bull. Deon Branch is too young and too good of a player to trade for an old RB. Branch is going to have a good season this next year if Matt and the team can stay healthy. I see the Hawks going 10-6 or could drop to 8-8 and still reach the Playoffs.

Above all, go Seahawks!