Report: 'Total Divas' to Play a Bigger Role on Raw?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 13, 2013

Cameron, star of 'Total Divas' show.
Cameron, star of 'Total Divas' show.from

Since debuting in July of this year, WWE reality show Total Divas has emerged as a strong ratings hit for E!.

It's heightened the profile of Divas like Natalya Neidhart and The Bella Twins and given marginalized midcarders like Tyson Kidd and Jay Uso—who are involved with Nattie and Naomi, respectively—some much-needed TV time and mainstream exposure.

(Seriously, Uso comes off as way more cool, charismatic and personable on this show than he ever has on Raw or SmackDown. It's astounding)

"Hey, let's dance!"
"Hey, let's dance!"from

Per a recent report from F4Wonline, via WrestlingInc, Total Divas has also started influencing WWE programming with producers of the show vetoing a planned heel-turn for Cameron and Naomi, fearing such a move would turn off E! viewers.

And is the show, which has just been renewed for a second season, about to be featured more on Raw? As Bryan Alvarez notes in this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter:

The company is talking about ideas involving Raw and Total Divas—essentially, TNA 24/7-style social media inserts into the show. Basically, something like Trinity wrestling in hour one on Raw on TV, Jay Uso wrestling in hour two, and then in hour three if you go to the app you can see a Total Divas-style backstage segment with the two of them discussing what happened earlier. More of a tie-in between the two shows.

Alvarez also mentions there have been early discussions of eventually airing the show on the WWE channel: “There has also been talk of doing the next season of Total Divas (which I guess would be season three) exclusively on the Network.”

Cena and Nikki share a passionate kiss.
Cena and Nikki share a passionate kiss.from

Of course, while linking Raw and Total Divas together more strongly may ostensibly make more sense, we have to remember that, so far, there's been very little evidence that Total Divas and Raw share most of the same audience.

Considering how successful Total Divas has been at retaining the audience from its lead-in Keeping up With the Kardashians, it's very possible—even likely—that most of the show's viewers are ardent Kardashian fans who will stick around for Total Divas but would be extremely unlikely to watch wrestling.

And, sure, the Bella Twins are pushed as stars on the E! show, but the duo certainly don't come off as a big deal on Raw.

Indeed, the thunderous boos the siblings received when they shockingly won the “Diva of the Year” Slammy on Raw on Monday may have told you everything you need to know about their standing with wrestling fans.