Debate: Should Schiano Return Next Season?

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Debate: Should Schiano Return Next Season?
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Schiano has been no stranger to the hot seat this season. With recent success, should he be back next season or should the Bucs go in a different direction?


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I think he should stay because they are startin to grab hold of the offense and defensive schemes see what happens the first 4 games next season
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Keep him he built that team to fit his system. If they bring in someone new they will do worse. And with the josh freeman and Mrsa problems and the 5 ...
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Schiano should be gone after this season. He has been given almost every upgrade at every position except quarter back, and this team has not improved...
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I also think new coaches need a few seasons to implement their systems...I could see them dumping Sullivan or demoting him to qb coach where he belong...
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He DESERVES to stay! He never lost the locker room and he found a way to keep a team playing hard thur the adversity of a losing season. Now that the ...
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