Johnny Manziel: LeBron James Texted Me Every Day During NCAA Scandal

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 13, 2013

USA Today

LeBron James is widely regarded as the best basketball player on the planet, but as a recent back-and-forth with Johnny Manziel shows, he is also a pretty awesome person. 

Manziel, a man cut from the same transcendent cloth of superstardom as James, recently said that the four-time NBA MVP helped him through the autograph scandal and subsequent NCAA investigation/media firestorm that nearly kept him off the football field this season.

The Texas A&M star quarterback hit on this and other topics during a recent appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. The entire video of that conversation is posted below, but if you're really interested in James' good deeds, feel free to jump ahead to the 5:00 mark.

This isn't your everyday feel-good story.

Manziel undoubtedly brought some of that outside heat on himself. It was probably magnified by an overzealous media ready to pounce, but the paper trail and the pictures the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner left behind were hard to ignore.

Still, it's hard not to appreciate James' kindness. He didn't have to show support for Manziel. He certainly has enough on his plate as it is—embarking on the road to a three-peat, weighing his next contract decision under the eyes of the world.

But he made time to send those messages. He offered unsolicited words of kindness few others were willing to:

No, this isn't the same thing as a player literally giving a fan the shirt off his back. But the sentiment rings the same.

I'm glad James decided to ditch that villain role from a couple seasons back. He handles the hero role so much better.

On and off the court.


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