Debate: Who Should Falcons Draft with Their First Pick?

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Debate: Who Should Falcons Draft with Their First Pick?
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After a disappointing season, the Falcons are battling it out for the number one pick in next year's draft. Who should be their top pick?


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I say draft Clowney or Anthony Barr from UCLA. We need a consistent pass rush on the opposite side of Osi. The offensive line will be a lot better ne...
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Jake Matthews and here is my reasoning. The Falcons will win against the Redskins unless they really want a top 3 pick. If they lose out the rest of...
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I'm not believing the crap about the OL being OK if everyone gets healthy. Baker is hardly ever healthy. We HAVE to have a LT or the vertical passin...
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Depends on what pick we earn. If we have top three pick it's between clowney, Matthews and Anthony Barr. I'd love for us to trade down and get another...
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If they can't get Clowney or Barr they should trade down to the middle of the 1st round to get more picks
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