Flyers Help Soldier Surprise Family by Popping Out of a Life-Sized GI Joe Box

Ken Chin@@thekenchinSocial Media StaffDecember 13, 2013

For the U.S. servicemen and women stationed across the world, missing the holidays is one of the hardest parts of the job.

PFC Matthew Windish wasn't supposed to return home for a couple of weeks, but the Philadelphia Flyers had a trick up their sleeve. They hid the returning soldier in a life-sized G.I. Joe box and had him pop out to surprise his family.

For the Windish family, this has to be one of the best presents ever.

While not every serviceman or woman gets to come home for the holidays, it was heartwarming to see this soldier and his family enjoy their holiday homecoming.

Thanks to Tony Manfred of Business Insider for the find and the NHL for the video.