WWE TLC 2013: Stars Who Deserved Spot on the Event Card

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2013

photo by wwe.com

WWE TLC is coming up on Sunday, December 15 from Houston, Texas.  The event is the last pay-per-view for the company for 2013, and this one could very well close out the year with a bang.

The main event is the title unification match between World champion John Cena and WWE champion Randy Orton.  The hype around this match is at a fever pitch, and for many fans, it could make TLC one of the most important nights in WWE history.

But the truth is that this match is only accompanied by five others, including the kickoff bout.  As of this writing, Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family, CM Punk vs. The Shield, Natalya vs. AJ Lee, Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango are the only matches left on the TLC card.

While the clock is ticking and anything can happen between now and December 15, the fact is that there are many WWE Superstars who are not scheduled to appear at TLC.  And that is a real shame, because for me, there are a few who really deserved a spot on this potentially historic night.


The Rhodes Brothers 

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Cody Rhodes and Goldust have been two main event workhorses for Vince McMahon's company for quite a while now.  Since the brothers came together in defense of their father Dusty when the family was being abused by The Authority, there has arguably not been a hotter tag team in WWE.

And since they won the WWE tag team titles from The Shield, no one has been able to touch them.  Riding a huge wave of momentum in a company teeming with some very good duos, The Rhodes Brothers have been standing tall and are only getting better every time they step into the ring.

Yet, they are nowhere to be found on the TLC card, and I for one think that's a mistake.

While the two handicap matches involving The Shield and The Wyatts may seem to be perhaps taking up a good bit of space, I believe there should still be room for the tag champs.  Cody and Goldust could have been booked in a rather quick match, maybe against The Real Americans or Ryback and Curtis Axel.  

In either case, The Rhodes Brothers should be representing the championships at TLC.  Even if the match would be there only as a one-and-done against a challenging team, then so be it.  This is one oversight that I hope is corrected before TLC gets here.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes deserve to be there.


Mark Henry

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Mark Henry recently returned to WWE at Survivor Series in an impromptu match against Ryback.  The World's Strongest Man has been out due to injury for several months, and seeing him back in the fold again was a welcome change of pace for many fans who enjoy his work. 

And since that night he has appeared with Big E Langston, in what could be described as an unofficial mentor role.  The two Superstars do seem to fit together, considering their powerlifting backgrounds. The fact that Langston recently won the Intercontinental Championship only provides perhaps an even stronger connection to Henry, who could be there to support the younger star during his all-important first title run.

But for Henry's supporters, there is nothing like seeing him in the ring.  The man who has been responsible for inducting more than one Superstar into his Hall of Pain is an absolute monster when the bell rings.  And the fact that he just returned yet has no place on the card is a little surprising to me.

Of course, he could accompany Langston to the ring for Big E's match with Sandow.  This would at least get him on camera and maybe even at the announcer's table to provide some commentary for the match.  Either way, I believe that Henry should be included at TLC.


The Real Americans/The Usos

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The Real Americans and The Usos have been the meat and potatoes of WWE's tag team division.  Every week, they battle it out against each other and against other teams, all for a potential opportunity at tag team gold in the company.

I would say that both teams deserve a place at TLC, whether it's in a match with each other or against some other duos.  It could have been booked as a No. 1 contender's match for the WWE tag team titles, which could have carried over into that week's programs or possibly even at the Royal Rumble in January.

The fact is that tag team wrestling is back and better than ever in WWE.  And for The Real Americans team of Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, as well as Jimmy and Jey Uso, there could have been no better time than TLC to keep the momentum going.


The Big Show

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Big Show faced Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at the company's last pay-per-view event Survivor Series.  The match was the end result of a major feud between Show and The Authority of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

And now, Big Show is nowhere to be found.

It appears as though The World's Largest Athlete was nothing more than a fill-in contender until Orton's upcoming match with Cena at TLC.  While this does make sense in many respects, I believe that Big Show still should have been included on December 15.

Consider for a moment just how strong Big Show looked against Orton.  Show was booked as the unstoppable giant, a role that he has played so well since turning against The Authority.  Basically, every time he came within 10 feet of Orton leading up to Survivor Series, he destroyed him.

Even though many fans likely felt that Big Show had no chance of leaving that event with the WWE title, the truth is that the company did very well leading us to believe otherwise.  Big Show looked better in this angle than he has at perhaps any time during his entire WWE career.

But as of this writing, he will not be in Houston on December 15.  To imagine a WWE title contender taking a dive that quickly from one event to the next seems very unlikely.  However, that is what's happened with Big Show.

And that is a real shame, as I for one believe he does deserve a place somewhere on the card.