Toronto Blue Jays: One Streak Ends, New One Begins

Ian HunterCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Who do you think would win in a 50 yard dash, Rod Barajas or Bengie Molina? This is of course assuming that they both don't collapse at the 30 yard line.

Despite his lack of speed, Barajas ran the fastest first to home (270 feet in total) that he ever did in his entire career. There was a scary moment after that, because I was almost convinced that Rod had a stroke at home plate. Barajas himself even admitted he was completely exhausted:

"If I had to run 10 more feet the paramedics would've been out there giving me mouth to mouth." - via Bastian's twitter

It was a great team effort tonight from the Blue Jays, and it was very fitting that they snapped the losing streak against the very same team and pitcher from when it began.

Obviously, the Jays did their homework on Tim Wakefield this time, putting their experience to good use for five extra base hits off of the knuckleballer. Clutch hitting returned once again as all six runs were scored with two outs and they hit .363 with runners in scoring position.

Casey Janssen posted a solid effort, but had trouble early in the game keeping the ball in play. Although it took 13 innings, Janssen finally got his first swinging strike against the opposition as well.

Just to put a punctuation mark on his night, Casey punched out Kevin Youkilis and got Jason Bay looking to end the seventh inning. If that's not a middle finger salute to the Red Sox, I don't know what is.

With that win, the monkey is officially off the back of the Toronto Blue Jays. They can now focus on decimating the Boston Red Sox for the rest of the weekend.

While fans aren't busy decimating hot dogs and nachos for the "All You Can Eat Weekend", be sure to look up at the box score every one and a while and check how our boys are doing.