Weekend at Bernie's

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Do you like In the News, but find yourself falling asleep at your desk by the time you get to the 40th link in the Minor Leagues? Allow me to introduce RFB’s newest whenever I feel like posting something on the weekend-type link dump.

It’s to be short, disorganized and lazy. But it’s a post on a Saturday. Enjoy it, all dozen of you reading.

Things I was e-mailed links to

- Brewers Bar selected high school pitcher David Hobgood at No. 26 in the MVN Mock Draft. He explains his reasoning.

- More Hardball asks which team has the best outfield in baseball. They’ve narrowed down the choices to five teams, including Milwaukee. At the time of this post, Milwaukee ranks 4th with 6 percent of the (32 total) votes. If you feel lame enough, let us unite and bring home this meaningless and undeserved victory for the Brewers! LET’S DO THIS SHIT!!! You know, or not. Whatever.

- Major League Jerk likens AL West teams to sitcoms. I have a soft spot in my heart for posts that corelate baseball things to non-baseball things.

Other things

- Mark Townsend names Bugs & Cranks’ Fan of the Week. Surprise! It’s some choad Cubs fan in a Batman suit.

- Why AT&T Park Sucks.

- Now that Brett Myers is done for the season, will the annoying Jake Peavy trade rumors funnel from Milwaukee to Philly? I sure as Abraham hope so.

- Miller Park Drunk hates on Remetee. I wholeheartedly agree.

- Clint Hurdle’s out of the Rockie dugout. Get it? You just got double entendre’d!

Do you know what appears on the top row when you Google image search ”Right Field Bleachers Jared”? I do… it’s this:

“The Breuben” - a brat and reuben hybrid. Jared totally had that thing in his mouth. You might say that “The Breuben” and I aren’t all that different after all.

Have a good weekend.