Kevin Durant Has a Private Room and DJ in His Swanky New OKC Restaurant

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2013

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Kevin Durant took time out from being generally awesome on the basketball court to open a posh Oklahoma City restaurant that comes complete with newfangled menus and signed posters of Thunder players on the wall. 

The Oklahoman's Dave Cathey, whom you can follow on Twitter (@TheFoodDood), was treated to a preview of Durant's new KD’s Southern Cuisine, located in the city's iconic Bricktown area. 

From the images and videos we gleaned, it seems like Durant and the Hal Smith Restaurant Group he partnered with thought of pretty much everything. 

To that end, Cathey tweeted this marvel out to his followers: 

Yep, it seems that the dark and subdued lighting will not impede your ability to order off the menu. What a time to be alive!

Cathey previewed the restaurant on Sunday and, from what we could tell, was generally pleased with the experience. He notes that there are subtle Thunder colors and a hip-hop ambiance. 

As for decor, your first impression is a restaurant that only seems to be swanky and upscale, but the fare is priced for nearly every appetite and budget. Cathey writes, "Prices range from a little under $10 and to beyond $50 on the Baller’s Menu."

The "Baller's Menu" is for those who are just not sated by a hamburger, fried chicken and waffles, pork ribs or chicken fried steak (other items on the menu). 

This more expensive section of the menu includes items like tenderloin medallions, New York Strip and rib-eye cuts. And now we are hungry. 

Twitter user Misty Hopkins was also able to stop by, delivering some images thanks to this tweet: 

KSBI's Abby Broyles also walked through the restaurant before it opened, delivering the more interesting aspects of the locale. 

You can take a look at the video segment over at KSBI's official page

Broyles discusses our favorite part of the new restaurant: "Now you probably already guessed it; Kevin has his own private dining room with a DJ."

This, if you are wondering, is how you know when you have "made it."

The restaurant's general manager, Greg Berthelot, does specify that Durant will surely be in his private dining room a few times a week, but anybody with the will and the means can rent out the same room. 

Other than that, the restaurant features a tricked-out wine cellar and art from former NBA player Desmond Mason. 

Really, we just want to know if the food is any good.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma City is more than a jaunt on my end, so feel free to impress us all with your own foodie critique in the comments section below. 

Cathey was able to chow down on some items and offered simply, "I look forward to going back." Judging by his thoughts on items from the Honey Chicken to the Fried Greens, it seems Durant and company hit the mark, even in the preview stage of the restaurant. 

Now if you need me, I'll be busy brainstorming how to fit a DJ booth into my kitchen. 


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