End Of The Road For Mr. Kennedy

Chris JeterContributor IMay 30, 2009

WWE make a very shocking talent cut as Prowrestling.net has reported that the company has released Ken Anderson (a.k.a Mr. Kennedy....... Kennedy). They of course wished him well in his future endeavors.

This is a tough break for Kennedy, who had just returned from shoulder surgery. However, after his first match back, he suffered a wrist injury after receiving a post match RKO from Randy Orton. The report also states that Vince McMahon had soured on Kennedy earlier this year.

Injuries and suspension had stopped Kennedy's momentum numerous times over the course of his WWE career. He won the Money in the Bank briefcase, but was sidelined with an elbow injury. He was then in storyline supposed to be the illegitimate son bu was suspended for violating the WWE's talent wellness policy. Then he looked to be in a U.S. title program last summer with Shelton Benjamin until he injured his shoulder during a live event.

Kennedy likely won't be out of a job long, as we all know that TNA loves to swoop in and take released WWE talent (Booker T, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley just to name a few) so don't be surprised to see him on impact.

Anyways, I like Kennedy and hope he succeeds in everything he does in the ring and in life.