Pig-Smuggling Australian Cricket Fan Ends Up in Court

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterDecember 12, 2013

The Australian cricket fan who smuggled a pig into the Gabba on the opening day of the first Ashes Test in Brisbane has appeared in court on charges of animal cruelty, according to the Daily Mirror.

David John Gunn, 33, was bailed and will appear in court in Brisbane again in January over the charge.

The incident was a light-hearted talking point early in the series—you can see above the Australian coverage of the moment after the day's play on Nov. 21—but the police and RSPCA have cast it in a more serious light.

Police, according to the Daily Mirror, say that the pig—who goes by the name of Ash—was wrapped in a towel and carried in a harness as if it were a baby. It is also alleged that its snout was taped shut in order to prevent it from making a noise.

The RSPCA have subsequently taken it into a local animal hospital, adding that the pig was dehydrated and distressed when it arrived to them.

Gunn's case will be heard in Brisbane on January 15.