Danica Patrick's Showgirl Skit at ACA Will Add to Her Popularity

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Danica Patrick's Showgirl Skit at ACA Will Add to Her Popularity
Harry How/Getty Images

Danica Patrick isn't afraid to laugh at herself after all. 

The popular NASCAR driver co-hosted the American Country Awards on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Let's just say that Patrick wasn't performing her duties while dressed in her racing gear. For one skit, she actually performed a Vegas showgirl routine and was dressed for the part: 

Patrick acknowledged, as Bob Pockrass of the Sporting News noted, that she was "a little nervous" about her turn as host. That is natural. After all, it is big jump from driver, or even Go Daddy spokeswoman, to awards show host. 

She doesn't look nervous dressed as a showgirl, however, and that is also not surprising.

Patrick has not been shy about marketing her sex appeal. Personally, I could do without it and tire of the emphasis on looks as a whole in society. I would much prefer to hear about Patrick because she is kicking butt on the race track.

Still, I applaud Patrick on her business acumen, and I have to believe that that acumen inspired her comments following her routine. 

"The good thing about me is there is no chance of a wardrobe malfunction," Patrick told a chuckling audience. "There's not much to malfunction. ...I hope that little bit didn't fall flat," she added with a wink.

Perhaps Patrick would have cracked these jokes at her own expense regardless of what had happened at the Sprint Cup Awards Banquet last Friday, but I have to believe that event helped push Patrick towards this routine. She needed to prove she didn't take herself more seriously than a surgeon with a God complex. 

At the Sprint Cup Awards, host Jay Mohr quipped: "Danica, I hope you're not too uncomfortable tonight. I know you're not used to being this close to the front."

That is a solid effort from Mohr in a setting where hosts often roast some of the attendees. Patrick, as you can see in the below video, was less than amused: 

Obviously, it is Patrick's choice to find amusement or lack of amusement in whatever she wants, but for a person who seems focused on her image and the value of her brand, this reaction was a mistake. 

As a whole, the public doesn't want to see celebrities take themselves too seriously, and let's just say there is a perception floating out there of Patrick not being the warmest of souls. That can be felt in this tweet: 

Now, instead of headlines about Patrick being dominated by her icy glare towards Mohr, they are about Patrick dressed as a showgirl and then poking fun at herself. 

Never mind that it seems odd for a lightly accomplished driver to be hosting an awards show for country music, or that an awards show for country music is held in Las Vegas. This is Danica Patrick...dressed as a showgirl! 

Say what you want about Patrick, but she knows how to move the dial, and she quickly erased any backward movement of that dial with this skit. 

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