Panthers' Luke Kuechly Battles Teacher in 'Play 60' Dance Competition, Loses

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Luke Kuechly was robbed. 

Save the outrage, though, because he was robbed in what looks like the most winnable dance competition ever created. Now we have no way of clarifying that statement, but we think you will agree once you take a gander. 

Seriously, something tells me Justin Timberlake could have won that dance-off from the comfort of his own home while he took an afternoon nap. 

The video was spotted by Hot Clicks' Andy Gray and features the Carolina Panthers linebacker shaking his tail feather to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," a song that necessitates you dance awkwardly even though you secretly adore the tune. 

The Charlotte Observer posted the video and has more on the peculiar spectacle, reporting that Kuechly was letting loose at Fort Mill school (S.C.), battling Springfield Elementary first grade teacher Nikki Letterhoss with 700 students watching. 

It's all for the NFL's Play 60 initiative, a program dedicated to getting children outside and active, exercising for at least 60 minutes a day. 

That's all well and good, but sitting on my butt doing nothing has served me well for decades. 

Rachel Southmayd of The Herald has a full report on the school that was fortunate enough to earn the label of "Play 60 Super School," an honor given to just 34 schools nationwide. 

As Southmayd reports, winning that title means "a pep rally, playtime modeled after an NFL workout and a grant."

At some point during the proceedings, Kuechly went onstage and lost a dance battle to Letterhoss, which we say may be the biggest upset in historyor not. This is hardly the point, because Kuechly and other players are helping spread the good word about healthy living. 

Snark aside, it's nice to see athletes delivering an important message while putting on some pretty darn entertaining performances.

Physical education teacher Jason Layman took that a step further and explained that NFL players really helped make exercise exciting, via

"Today gives them another opportunity to see there’s more to do than just push-ups and sit-ups. Anything they’re doing NFL-related is pretty cool for all of them," Layman said.

Kuechly was a good sport, saying, "Oh man, I did terrible," in a video uploaded by Rock Hill Herald Online. When asked where he learned his dance moves, he says with a smile, "Nowhere."

I don't know why, but I believe him. 

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