Questions for Vernon Gholston

Carl Wronski Contributor IMay 29, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 28: Lorenzo Booker #25 of the Philadelphia Eagles rushes as Vernon Gholston #56 of the New York Jets tries to make a tackle during a preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 28, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

Question One: Your first season in the NFL was somewhat underwhelming by most people's expectations. What, if anything, went wrong?

Question Two: What was the hardest thing transitioning from college to the NFL?

Question Three: Which teammate was the most instrumental in helping you adapt to the pro game and lifestyle?

Question Four: Did you feel pressured by getting selected as high as you did? And playing in New York?

Question Five: In what ways have you been working on your game this off season? And what adjustments have you made?

Question Six: You and Lawrence Taylor are reportedly close. What is your relationship?

Question Seven: What impact if any, do you think Rex Ryan will have on your game?

Question Eight: So far, how has he been using you in terms positions, schemes and on filed responsibilities? What role do you think you will be playing next year?

Question Nine: How is Rex Ryan different then Eric Mangini?

Question 10: What are your expectations for the Jets next year?

Question 11: What do you say to the critics who have labeled you a bust?